ZBrush sketchbook of Zhelong Xu

It’s like early Christmas around here. Your work is a treat for the eyeballs. Keep going!


that good details!


Gorgeous work! Definitely deserving of the top row!

So qiang~



Thank you guys for reply !I’ll keep going~



The tree was made with Dynamesh,then ZRemesher it!So powerful tools in amazing ZBrush!:+1:



God like~ !! So great rendering and modeling~! keep up~!!

Uhh… Think I left my jaw somewhere on the floor!

This is absolutely incredible work!

very cool ~!

Your work is really outstanding…Every work defines a different quality of sculpting…I wanna see it more in future.

Blizzard should hire you I think, you are really good making these badass looking beasts.

Wow! Very beautiful sculpts! they’re simply breathtaking, i love the fu dog and the metal slug… and the t-rex…

Great work.T_Rex wow…:+1:

Fantastic works! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Really amazing collection! Your style is strong.

Truly stunning!

… post of the year. You are an amazing artist! Beautiful and thoughtful poses and renders. Such a wide variety of techniques and experimentations, all resulting in stunning imagery.
A powerful showcase for your skills. Showing your models in a traditional art photoshoot style really demonstrates what Zbrush, BPR and Keyshot can do when combined with your great skills.
Thank you for posting, and please do again.

Very kind regards,

;)Thank you all guys reply!Specifically keridan,Your praise makes me very excited, but also the best encouragement!
I’ll share more WIP images if I can find them~thanks again,guys:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses: