ZBrush@SIGGRAPH 2013 Recap. Final Update 22. Sony Santa Monica Studio Part 2

I loved the video with Seth Thompson, I am a huge fan of zbrush I want to get really good at it with hard surface modeling and do everything inside of it as Seth Thompson shows how fast and fun it is to create hard surface in zbrush. I was wondering are we going to see any more hard surface tutorials related too environments, not just characters.

I am trying to find a good way to make hard surface since a lot of people do it differently, just so many ways you can do it also related to zbrush 4R6 since there are faster ways of doing things with the latest release.

EPIC is my god!!!

Found some of these on Youtube. Are the rest going to be posted as well?

Thanks for the vids guy’s.
Congrats on a successful SIGGRAPH 2013 Event…:+1:

These videos some of the most informative I’ve seen in demonstrating the various uses for ZBrush in a production environment. There are so many useful ways that the artists utilize certain functions within ZBrush that i would never have thought possible. I have watched all and some 3 or 4 times to remember some of the steps… Amazing series and hope you keep them coming… :lol:

Thank you :smiley:

Just watched the Epic videos. The amount of information was fantastic.
Thanks to the guys of Epic for the thorough preperation and Pixologic for the Recap.

this is really helpful


Thanks for the vid’s. I love when as you watch these you stumble across a helpful tip that improves your workflow but its too bad that you can’t hear them clearly. You people are definitely NOT filmmakers!

All of the presenters really know their stuff, but I gotta say, Joseph Drust really knocked it out of the park. I love watching his videos, he has this quick way of relaying tons of info without overwhelming you or leaving stuff out.

Again, thank you guys so much for posting these! I was stuck at my booth the entire convention so I missed all of this. It’s a real pleasure to view it now and there’s so much info! I thought I knew a lot about ZBrush but I managed to learn something new with each video. :slight_smile:

Damn, these were great videos! Hearing all of that insight and seeing the technique was amazing. Thank you so much for providing them.

Awesome Videos!

QUESTION though!,

During Mike Kime’s great video from epic, he shows a demonstration using booleans. This technique doesn’t seem to work in Zbrush4R6 that I’m using?

The technique is: Two subtools, top subtool is main mesh, bottom subtool is mesh you want to “cut out” or boolean the main mesh with. You make sure both are in Dynamesh mode. You flip normals of bottom subtool. Make sure bottom subtool is flagged as “negative” in subtool menu. You then “merge down” so both subtools are one. Then you clear mask, which redynameshes. EVERYTIME I do this it remains a positive boolean rather than a negative. Also, the first time I clear the mask nothing appears to happen, then the second time it initiates, but again it is a positive boolean not a negative. I’ve tried a bunch of variations on this with no luck- anyone know where I’m going wrong?


Hello Dylan

Make sure you are using ZBrush4R6 P2. You will see what version you are using in the top left of ZBrush. If it does not say ZBrush4R6 P2 then shut ZBrush down and run the ZUpgrader application that is in the Program Files(x86)/Pixologic/ZBrush4R6 folder.

FYI…You don’t need to flip the normals and you only need the top SubTool to be in DynaMesh mode. Just make sure that the bottom SubTool has that second icon on. When you clear the mask nothing will happen because you were just doing the act of clearing the mask.

See if that helps.


Hey Paul,

My zbrush is the correct version. I finally got it working, thanks a lot! I tested it with unique objects i made in maya and it worked flawlessly. I stumbled across a very specific bug that made it not work. For some reason if I duplicated a dynamesh sphere and used that to booleans it would not work. but if i duplicated a dynamesh object and REdynameshed it after i duped, it would work. That is why I perceived it as not working.


Absolutely fantastic coverage. Loved watching every one of them. Well done and thank you, all of the demo-artists. I learned a lot and enjoyed watching all the different work flows you employed.

And of course thank you Pixologic, for making this happen! The sound was a little bit difficult to interpret from time to time, but other than that, good show! Jolly good show! :+1:

If boolean cutting is not working probably is because the polycount of your cutting mesh is higher than the cutted one
Hope this helps


Thanks for all the recaps Pixologic. Much love!

What an amazing amount of educational resources and reference! Thank you pixologic, and to all of the talented SIGGRAPH speakers/instructors.