Zbrush Keyboard ShortCuts (Refrence Card)

To -Gulch: You can right click and use save target as. It is a pdf document so you will need acrobat installed.

Hope this helps :wink:

It works now, thanks.

Hey Thank you very much! just got Zbrush…man this helps alot!

When I print this on a 4x6 it comes out only about 25% of the card.Is their a work around as far as tweaking the size of the document? I have already played with the zoom and tried changing my paper size to no avail.

Thanx in advance

Links Not working :cry:

I just nabbed them.
Thank you. I never remember shortcuts.:rolleyes:

Works Now! Thanks! :smiley: :smiley:

Link not workin

wow what a great resource… but sadly the links arent working for the moment
im guessing theyve been going on an off a lot
for all the ppl wanting one for max… there’s an interactive hotkey thingy made with flash/shockwave that comes with max… hidden somewhere in the program files… maybe they dont have that with max 9 … not too sure
looking forward to downloading this soon…
and thanks ryan for putting it up on the wiki

please has anywone a working link ?




P.S. Please note! Shortcuts for ZB3.0!!!

Are those refrence card links still avaiable? Because I am getting a"The page cannot be found message". Thank you in advance for your speedy reply.

Yes, link still alive.


Thank you for the reply! I have just downloaded those ref. cards.



Nice to see a fellow Ringling grad on here.

Nice work!!

These arnt all the shortcuts are they?.But anyways these are sufficent :slight_smile:
Thanks very much

I’d love to be able to use these but I am on a mac.

Thanks a lot :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:laughing:

I would love to check this out but NONE of the links in this thread are working for me.