ZBrush Interview: Henk

Looks awesome guys!

Quick question:

How are you handling crowds and dense environments? For example, if your story included a scene in a shopping mall, or airport, or space station etc etc.



Well we would handle it as a background as matte painting.

I always been a comicbook fan & collectionist, and this could be the future of the graphic novels, for me the results is really stunning…Nothing to envy to the traditional comics art.

Keep on this project!!!


Love the Z-Brush comic panels. Well done!

wow really interesting work! a different way to use zb :slight_smile: cool!

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Good job!

I’d love to see an even more in depth look at their process. The style they achieve is pretty great, and still very comicbooky… its great that they kept it away from looking overly 3d.

Congrats! This is a very cool project! I wish you much success and I can`t wait to see more. :slight_smile:


that link doesnt work Luxo

this is one of those threads I’m constantly going back to to try and pick up awesome techniques for my own work. great job!!!

Oh My LORD! im so blown away by that stuff.
to use zbrush in order to do comic book is genius!
im literally Speechless… omg!!:wink:
well done guys cant wauit to see the final piece!!!

…touch! :wink:

But is this out yet? I really like the look of it but can’t seem to find it anywhere only things on Google relate to the making of from what I can see.

Well it was put on stand by because I was doing another comic called hercule, but i m working on a new version ok henk right now.
here is the link for Hercule