ZBrush Core Mini Panther

Hi all! I’ve been trying the new ZBrushCore Mini and this is what came out, it’s a great option for be initiated on digital sculpting, it hard when you’re use to your brushes and you have to use others, anyway, has been a good training out of your comfort zone! :sweat_smile:
Hope you like it!


I imported the files into ZBrush and make some renders


verynice! :slight_smile:

Than you!

I love the very basic shapes sculpt approach to the piece. Would make an awesome book end or desk piece if printed.

Thanks TD_MODZ, I like the Mini for that, as a basic tool keep you more focused on the form than on details. Yes would be nice to get it on your shelve :slight_smile:

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Nicely done Nacho! Shows how skilled you are as an artist, as a digital sculptor :wink:

Really drawn to this sculpt! Great results out of ZBrushCoreMini too, really shows your skills! :smile_cat:

Thank you very much Jaime,

I try to :wink:

Thanks Kyle, glad you like it!


Thanks! :wink:

Beautiful work!!! :clap: :clap:

Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it

Two more shots :slight_smile: :smiley_cat:

Core Mini Panther_KSR4 !


Thanks to all for the recognition!! :smile: :smiley: :smiley:

Lovely work. A lot of those traditional skills and fundamentals will click more and more into place as you get used to Zbrush. Keep at it man. Cheers!

PARATA, Thanks a lot, yes!! it’s the perfect sculptint tool :wink: