***** ZBrush 4R2b - Launched! *****

Sooo curious!!! Aaarrrrrghh, something went wrong deactivating… have to wait…
Thanks anyway for this beautiful update!
Thanks Paul, it works now!!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

So trying to upgrade…
After reading the Update Manual, trying to install ZBrush 4R2b, when clicking ZPlugin >> Deactivation in ZBrush 4R2 OSX there is no Web Deactivation button, instead only Manual Deactivation!

Warning Warning Warning!

The activation system for ZBrush has been updated. Please begin by deactivating
your copy of ZBrush 4R2. This may be done from within ZBrush by clicking the ZPlugin
>> Deactivation >> Web Deactivation button. If you don’t deactivate ZBrush 4R2 before
updating, the update will be counted against your serial number as an additional activation
and may require you to contact Support before you will be able to use version 4R2b!

what no video?:smiley:

btw:QRemesher !!!:+1:

You really know how to keep customers happy! ( … I wonder if I could do little shorter workday and spend rest of day playing whit this new release :wink: )

No kidding. My deactivation didn’t take, even though it looked like it did. No idea why it happened either. Followed all of the instructions to the letter. I’m waiting on a dang support ticket since ZB won’t activate for me at all now. It’s 4:20am & I’m ZB-less, which makes me sad. :cry:

upps…there i no Web deactivation, under plugins…only manual !! OSX snow leopard ZB4R2

Troubleshooting questions should be posted in Troubleshooting thread for ZBrush 4R2b HERE

Hmm, there are a few things in there I was hoping for. Yay! I’m REALLY looking forward to being an alpha tester for QRemesher in February too. Can’t wait to see what amazing magic they come up with. Now to download and install the update. Wheeee! :+1:

Regarding qremesher there seems to be snippets of info around and if its as good as its sounds…
Sounds expensive. :wink:

If they are the same guys then this is really interesting.

Verold Inc. is a Canadian startup, with an R&D lab at one of the top German Computer Vision universities, that is in the process of commercializing a set of software tools and processes that reduce the time to create ready-to-animate 3D content for media consumption, such as games, web-content, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) worlds and film, by up to 80%. This is achieved through a non-liner content production work-flow that automates or partially automates many of the tedious labor-intensive processes involved in producing 3D content.
Verold’s mission is to make it easy, quick and inexpensive to create 3D content formedia consumption, by both professionals and amateurs, and in the long term, toprovide them with a means to create their own virtual and augmented realityworlds and games.


winter is coming…


Thank You PIXOLOGIC Team for your hard work !!! :smiley: :+1:

Mah mouth is still open Pixologic :DDDD :heart: LOVE YOU :heart: !!!

Thanks for the update. I’m installing now and can’t wait to dig in and start trying out all the new features. I’m also glad to hear you guys have done some work in the remeshing department. With remeshing being an important part of the sculpting process for a lot of artist, it’s interesting to see that the new tools will NOT be a standardized option in ZBrush’s toolset. Hopefully Verold’s plugin will blow our minds and be worth it’s weight in gold. I also hope they will keep with the tradition that Pixologic has established with providing an extremely powerful toolset at a highly competitve price point.

Thanks again guys,


I am increasingly fascinated by ZBrush. :lol:

Very nice! I was able to deactivate, upgrade, and reactivate on both my workstation and laptop in a matter of minutes.

I look really good friends a long time happy ZBRUSH4R2B

Awesome! Love you guys!

Looks awesome can’t wait to try it out tomorrow.

Really curious about qremesher though, wish there was at least a small tid bit of info you could give us about it.

Brilliant! This is gonna be one busy week for me checking FiberMesh thing!

You guys are awesome … 5 am in Brooklyn and up to take a pee, what a surprise! :lol: Cheers, David :smiley: