ZBrush 4.0 Purchase and Upgrade Schedule

One quick question: The post states that if we haven’t yet upgraded to 3.5 we should submit a ticket with Support. If we’re Mac users, do we need to submit a ticket if we’re already at 3.2 (since there was no 3.5 upgrade for Mac)?


I can’t wait! - GoZ!



PLZ KEEP POSTING SOME NEW FEATURES OF ZBrush 4 now i cant wait…till 9.sep.2010 :smiley:

Sure free updates are cool but I just wonder is it really a lot of new people who bought new licenses?
I’m personally absolutely ready for pay additional money for update.

8/9/10 is Festival day for 3d creative people!

Stunning work flow. Z did that!!!
It is much easier than what 3d softwares do for modeling hard surface side,
as eagerly we expecting:lol:

Thanx pixologic very much.

You guys know how to show your stuff! Spectacular features.
Now if only it could say Zbrush (64-Bit), I’d be a happy camper.


…the only sad thing ( for me ) is this…

ZBrush 4 - Special Edition Pre-Order

Available only for new purchases of individual licenses, the ZBrush 10th Anniversary Special Edition comes in a beautiful.............

…because i have a license and it seems there is no way to buy this special backup cd, without purchasing a new license…

I cant wait to use this on a daily basis … Shadowbox and Clipping = yum

sounds pretty good! I am looking forward to put my hands on this.

Its a bday gift for me in advance as its on 10 august… I just cant wait to grab it and work with its new features…

Just amazing! Fundamentally new way of modeling, voxel based it seems. It looks so sweet! Please, make it free of bugs! Hope, zb4 64 bit finally. They’ll show zb4 in work today. Heh, so many new buttons. I wish to see high res version of that video)


This ShadowBox is such an amazing idea, the possibilities are endless!

I think you will be glad to know that it will come out 9th August not September :slight_smile:

hrm… interesting…

not as interesting as full PSD support with layered painting, however :smiley:

So its version 4 of Zbrush and still NO some sort of subtool’s sorting - folders, etc. ?!


The Shadowbox is so great! Now i can not wait to see all features in ZB4. :smiley:

Rock on!

i’m always impressed by your capacity at pixologic at creating new tools with new way of think.
Thanks a lot for bringing everytime new breath in 3d softwares.

Congratulation to the pixo team.

Despite being in absolute awww, I am still hoping they will add Layers painting and blend modes…

Fingers crossed…

This all looks incredibly useful for conceptual Design!

Cool video, and fantastic art by very tallented people.

Now if we could see the number 64, and the words layered in the next video,that would be realy great.:smiley:

The renders do look very good in ZB4, hmm, I see glass, SSS, D.O.F :+1: