**** ZBrush 3.5R3 Tutorial Movie

The Polish Brushes look amazing. Looks as if they will take some practice to really get used to them.

I can’t believe the upgrades in features from R1 to R3 of ZBrush 3.5. If this is what you do with small incremental upgrades what on earth do you have in store for ZBrush 4.0?

Thank you Pixologic!

Pixologic! THIS IS FANTASTIC! the best way to get into all of the great featurs of this new release!!, Thank you very much! and happy holidays!

I agree. The Car, if it is a car, does not look so swift.
But Z Brush 3.5 looks awesome!

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Unrelated questions should be posted in the Q&T forums.

I’m jealous! When can we get 3.5 for the Mac?

Unrelated questions should be posted in the Q&T forums.

thank you PIXOLOGIC FOR THIS TUTO… :smiley:

have a very very very very happy holiday n Merry Christmas…

I LOVE YOU PIXOLOGIC N I LOVE ZBrush… :smiley: :wink:

The new tools are great it’s a shame the video is a little boring to watch!! anyway still waiting for those great feature on MAC (>.<)

Hey guys, if you can’t constrain your comments to the toolset and the video, and not your opinions of the people who made it, it is better not to post at all. Remember, there are real human beings involved in this…it is not produced in a vacuum. Basic courtesy and manners should always apply.

As for the video, thank you very much for posting the extended version of this. It helps me get a closer look at the process that was whizzed by in the promo movie. The only comment I’d make, is that the chrome material used in the final stages is so dark it tends to obscure a good reading of the form of the piece.

I’d also be interested in seeing an extended version of the little “alien” guy made in the demo movie.

bic it was by pixolator.
the music though seems to be from some 70’s porn movie.

very nice to finally see some explantion of how things work and some documentation, thanks for this!

these days seem like a non-stop-cg-related firework to me! r3, blender 2.5 alpha and an rhapsody to listen to… anything else?

…one R later, lots of people thought it’s going to be zsketchtime with lots’o’bubble lumps’o’jelly… hahaha! another R later, me thinks there will be plenty’o’car-a-likes!

just me? wonder when pixologic will give me some time to breath?!

(should i get a mac?)

all shiny and new here - keep it up!


The direction of ZBrush is exciting me very much. I spent much time working quite organically and all of my days and most of my evenings on ZBrush. Soon I will be doing a little teaching which means I need to get on my Bootcamp with 3.5, in fact I have to get on there in a few hours to take advantage of the later version than the one I use on Mac. So tell me, do I need to proceed with my plan of getting a windows based machine and another monitor on my desk so that I can always stay ahead with ZBrush or is it more than likely they will run in sink at some point??? I understand the issues and am not even wasting my time complaining, i just want to know before i shell out. P.S. I am excited at the possibilities with the hard surface tools and especially the ability to put things into poly groups by painting the surface. My mind is spinning with ideas and things to test out that I sadly dont have the time to explore, but I see an exciting xmas break coming up :slight_smile:

OOOH…im all inspired…we should have a hard surface “vehicle” challenge.

Nice video…but why keep using the sleazy porn music soundtrack?

I’ve been working extensively with the Polish brushes over the last day, and I can say they are pretty amazing. They are very intuitive…unlike many other brushes they just sort of seem to do what you think they should be doing in a given situation, whether working around a curve, or flattening out a plane.

I think they will easily become the new standard brush for carving out form, when working both organically *and* with hard surfaces. They are pretty much the *flatten* brush Ive always wanted, but the old flatten brushes never delivered.

Unfortunately, I’m not as sold on the new “Paint Loops/Grooup Loops” functionality. I’m finding it very difficult to get reliable , predictable results with them. And while probably very suitable for detailing mostly organic figures and constructs, the soft organic loops they produce are still no substitute for proper modeling, deliberate geometry and precise edge creasing when trying to construct machine precise shapes with hard edges hard angles.

Hopefully I’ll get better with practice, and its definitely a step in the right direction. But frankly, I think they should be expanding their topology tools and creasing functions in order to model hard surfaces and machine shapes, not relying on brush mechanics.

I thought id have a go this was the result one nights playing fabulous stuff zbrush you guys are amazing such a wonderful idea and will will see a huge amount of amazing work come from this for sure… exciting times!!

[ZBrush Document car.jpg]

I agree about more retopology tools, even to optimize meshes to fit within 3d apps both for animation and inorganic stuff. I think traditional modelling will not disappear anytime soon for inorganic stuff at least. But, ZB could end to be also a great tool to quickly produce designs to later rework with more traditional tools.

Mesmerizing video! such an amazing toolset. Well done to the artist creating the video.

Pixologic have done it again! :smiley:

I know the tools and possibilities being demonstrated are amazing. However, I suggest redoing this tutorial with a lighter background gradation or against a solid light neutral color. I find it hard to see how fine the detail is in the ending turntable. It seems the impact of such breakthrough tools has been blunted by a less than stellar presentation.

My mentor always told me: presentation is critical. It’s not the most important thing, but it ranks high in the hierarchy of priorities when demonstrating an idea. Poor presentation can cause a great idea to be passed over and end in failure. It is THAT important.

You guys have worked your collective butts off. Suggestion: take sometime to breath and get fresh eyes on the stuff you are using to show off. I understand you are caught up in some very exciting stuff, please take the time to share it in a way that conveys how magnificent a job you’ve done.

Kudos! Keep going! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

The video is very nice and i hope there will be more of these inspiring tutorial movies.
The upgrade is fantastic and for me christmas is now.
Good job at pixologic!

Very nice! :+1:
Looking forward to using ZB3.5r3.