ZBrush 2024.0.2 is Now Available

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ZBrush 2024.0.2 covers the following updates:


  • Updated support for new Redshift API
  • The Gizmo manipulator snapping behavior has been improved. When holding down Alt while dragging out the manipulator on a mesh surface it will align to the surface points. If dragging off the mesh into empty canvas space it will snap to the screen plane, but in a more predictable fashion without the rolling and axis flipping present in previous versions. Pressing Shift while holding down Alt will now allow the manipulator to snap to the global axis.
  • The ScreenSaver feature has been disabled for maintenance and will be restored in a future update.


  • The Gizmo manipulator was disappearing in some situations when used with certain masking options related to Posable Symmetry.
  • Gizmo manipulator was not snapping to surface points as expected when Alt-dragging in some situations.
  • Restored ability to snap the Gizmo manipulator to the screen plane when Alt-dragging off the mesh surface.
  • An issue with the range of the Move Topological brush was corrected.
  • ZColor plugin was not importing .ACO files correctly.
  • Corrected an issue preventing ZColor from setting the active color for a mesh.
  • Fixed an issue on macOS that would prevent .FBX files from loading correctly.
  • Anchors Classic brush had the wrong behavior for “Rotate.”
  • Anchors Classic brush “Move Rotate” now functioning as expected.
  • Corrected issue with “Last Used Export” (Format) not correctly remembering the format in export dialogs.

Previous Update Release Notes

ZBrush 2024.0.1


  • The previous version of the Anchors Brush has been re-added to the Brush Palette as Anchors Classic.
  • When attempting to export a movie that would exceed 4095 pixels in width or height, the movie will be resized to 4095 pixels.


  • Fixed crash when using the Subtool pop-up menu.
  • General improvements to Knife brush stability.
  • Brushes using Move Topological would deform the mesh at the point of contact.
  • The first instance of an IMM mesh would be unexpectedly tiny when drawn with certain stroke types.
  • Fixed an issue with the accuracy of ZModeler Alt-selection painting.
  • “Apply Last Action to All Subtools” caused a crash when used with certain Deformation actions.
  • Redshift material preview was darkening when adjusting materials.
  • Movie export would fail with certain settings when above a certain size. This has been corrected for Windows but still under investigation on macOS.
  • Crash when scrubbing with the Timeline feature when an active Nanomesh has been applied.
  • Some IMM Curve brushes were not snapping to the surface of the mesh by default.
  • After using a Subtool> Split function a texture could not be immediately applied via the Texture Palette Pop-up menu.
  • Issue with the Transpose Classic masking gradient.
  • Restored the ability to use an alpha with a rectangular selection marquee.
  • If Local Symmetry was active, the Transpose brush would not re-center on an inserted mesh even if Dynamic mode was toggled off. Now if Dynamic mode is disabled this should enable the legacy behavior.
  • Fixed BPR crash after using the legacy Best render with the Render > Environment feature.
  • Corrected an issue with the color fidelity of .ACO files imported into Paintstop from recent versions of Photoshop.

ZBrush 2024 FEATURES

Watch the launch stream to see the new features in action!

Enhance your ZBrush experience with these additions:

Repeat to Similar Feature

Save time by making a change to one mesh, then automatically applying that change to all other meshes with similar topology! The following will be able to be applied across meshes:

  • Sculpting changes.
  • Ability to replace each mesh with a different mesh.
  • Masking.
  • PolyGroup changes.
  • Polypaint changes.

New Stroke Type: DragStamp

This new stroke option will allow you to adjust the intensity of the stroke in real-time by moving the cursor left/right and up/down.

More Noise!

Cinema 4D noises have been added to ZBrush Surface Noise. This includes 25 new noises for you to use when adding that extra touch of detail to a surface. Some of the noises include Sema, Electric, Zada, Luka, Dents, and Displacement.

Anchors Away!

The Anchor brush has been updated with a major quality of life change: You no longer need to mask the model in order to use the Anchor brush in posing or shaping your creations. Focal Shift slider will now control the direction the anchor points can affect the mesh.

Insert Mesh Brush Enhancement

The Insert Mesh brushes can now use any Stroke type: Dots, DragRect, ColorSpray, Spray and DragDot.

Slice it Up!

The Knife brush has been updated to allow a mesh to be split into pieces. This gives you the freedom to turn one mesh into a complex design.

Have a Ball with Masking

Masking has been given another set of options. Grow All and Shrink All masking have been added. These allow for parts with partial masking to either grow to a full mask on the mesh or shrink to no mask.


Crease Unmasked and Uncrease Unmasked options make it easy to crease or uncrease surfaces simply based on the unmasked areas of the model.

Gizmo3D/Transpose Masking

This masking has been updated to allow for a smoother transition. It is now also possible to snap the Gizmo3D or Transpose line to the center of the mask.

Complete Notes


  • Split to Parts button added to Brush > Clip Brush Modifiers.
  • Transpose Classic brush added to the Brush palette.
  • Cinema 4D noises added to ZBrush Surface Noise library.
  • Repeat to Similar Parts menu added to the Subtool palette.
  • Grow All added to Masking palette.
  • Shrink All added to Masking palette.
  • DragStamp stroke was added to the available stroke types.
  • Crease Unmasked added to Geometry > Crease.
  • UnCrease UnMasked added to Geometry > Crease.


  • Contact Point tracks have been removed from Timeline feature. Contact Point functionality has changed and no longer works with the Timeline.
  • IMM brushes will now work with all available stroke types instead of only the DragRect stroke type.
  • Anchor Brush functionality has been improved.
  • The Transpose brush functionality in Smart Masking mode has changed. The Legacy behavior was added to the brush palette as Transpose Classic.


  • Mask by Smoothness is functioning again.
  • When opening a file saving dialog it could disappear behind the main program window causing the program UI to become unresponsive. This should no longer happen.
  • Corrected a scenario in which ZRemesher may return the results of a previously cached mesh.
  • If a tool with multiple subtools had a stored Contact Point, navigating the Timeline with the arrow keys would cause unexpected behavior.
  • Corrected an issue with the ZAppLink plugin and the most recent version of Photoshop.
  • Fixed a conflict between the Proxy Pose Polish slider and the Panel Loops Polish slider when assigned to a custom UI.
  • Corrected an issue causing the Alpha> Make 3D feature to crash or produce off-center results when Mesh Smooth was set to zero.
  • Corrected an issue with HD Geometry on macOS which would prevent users from being able recover HD Geo layers after re-loading a file.


ZBrush 2024 is included as part of your plan for all subscribers (those who have a monthly or annual license). Simply use the Maxon App to upgrade ZBrush to 2024.

  • Maxon One subscribers will be able to use Redshift GPU or CPU in ZBrush.
  • ZBrush subscribers will be able to use Redshift CPU in ZBrush.
    Please see here for more information.

Purchasing (New Users)

ZBrush 2024 may be purchased from our online store for immediate download. Annual and Monthly subscriptions are available.

Perpetual Licenses

ZBrush 2024 is currently only available as a subscription.

There are options available to perpetual license users, giving you a discount on the first year of either a Maxon One or ZBrush annual subscription. Comprehensive knowledgebase articles have been created to provide clear information:


If you have any issues with upgrading or with the new features, please post in ZBrush Help & Support or start a Support Conversation. Please note that account and login issues can only be handled via a Support conversation.