Zbrush 2021 Nanomesh Edit Mesh problem

I’m having a problem with this new feature edit mode in the Nanomesh. I was in the edit mode and minimized Zbrush. When I opened it back edit mode broken. The split screen never goes away. Even if I turn off the edit mode. How this can be fixed. Is it a problem or I missed something in the settings. This happened many times. Also my Create instance subtool button does the same effect. It doesnt create any nanomesh but splits the screen and cant control my main model.

The best solution I have is save the file and restart zbrush again. If there is a better way please let me know…

Hello @caliskanuzay

There is a separate Split Screen slider in the Transform Palette that operates independently of the Split Screen slider in the Nanomesh menu. Check the slider in the Transform palette to make sure it is set to zero.

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Thanks for quick response!