ZBC 2018 in Review


2018 has been a great year for ZBrush, with the releases of ZBrush 2018, ZBrush 2018.1 and ZBrushCore 2018, as well as a landmark ZBrush Summit. The ZBrushCentral community has responded to this with your usual spirit of sharing: Sharing art, sharing techniques and most of all sharing inspiration. With each year, the artists using ZBrush have raised the bar ever higher and 2018 has done this in spades. We at Pixologic never cease to be astonished by how many different ways ZBrush gets used, and what fantastic results are seen around the world!

Thank you to all the talented artists on ZBushCentral for sharing your talents this year! The entire Pixologic team would like to wish all of you Happy Holidays and present you with a slideshow highlighting our favorite memories of 2018!

If you’d like a better look at any of the images from the video, simply scroll through the Top Row Gallery here at ZBC. Most of these threads will include WIP images, useful tips, mini-tutorials and other goodness!

Happy Holidays from Pixologic
Here’s wishing you the very best for 2019! (Which will also mark 20 incredible years of ZBrush.)



And a very merry Christmas to yo Zbrush; and thank you for a great product!



<3 thanks pixologic team <3


The world has been a little shabby of late for the want of good ideas yet ZBrush continues to glow ever brighter.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.


Still missed so many impressive works of this year without the video! Amazing to all of you!:slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for #Pixologic and congratulate all the talented artists on ZBushCentral.
Merry Christmas Everyone…:heart:


Merry Xmas to everyone! Have a great holidays!

And of course thanks a lot to the all Pixologic team for this awesome product =)


Awesome Video, my deepest thanks for making that for all of Us, and a Very merry Christmas to all !


almost crying here… great tune and great art! good job everyone, thank you!!!

all the best best to ofer and the pixo crew - merry xmas and a happy new year everyone!



Thanks to Pixologic Team
When was released the very first version I was surpassed because a cancer dx. Since that year ZBrush help me a lot to enjoy, to discover other areas diferent from my medical studies, many years, great artist here and i am very happy to live and wacth all the ZBrush evolution .
I remember and i have in my heart a special friend that has passed: Bas Mazur.
Thanks to all of you in the Pixologic Team and all the great artist here that made ZBrush the most important app in this decade.
Thanks Ofer Alon




15 minutes of nonstop awesomeness!
Great year indeed.


Call 911 my mind and heart just exploded. Amazing.