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I thought I’d start a new thread for ongoing work. I started a Schlitze Surtees model today… here it is so far

Cheers XGibbo


Schlitze Surtees.jpg

A bit further with the Schlitze Model


Schlitze 2.jpg

you have done a superb job with him X and you have added to my knowledge of trivia after I looked him up :D:+1:

Ha ha, thanks very much. Im on vacation so I will probably update another pic soon. Cheers Tartan :wink:

Not finished but wanted to see an expression on the model


Schlize Pose.jpg

heh I don’t blame you but he already had expression and personality :):+1: looks good though :smiley: Check out Spork Fu Masters thread he is kind of the reigning spiritual master of the forum :slight_smile:

I started modelling Karl Childers from the movie “Slingblade”
Here he is so far…



quick update of Karl :wink:

Comments welcome, Cheers


Karl_Childers Slingblade.jpg

Karl is homing in there X!:+1:

Cheers Tartan, just working on the body now…

A little further…


Karl Clothes.jpg

Excellent progress X. Its amazing how Sculptris works lol. Cant wait to see the full model :smiley:

Cheers Tartan, should be updating soon :wink:

A bit further along… I don’t want to crease the clothing too much before I break the symmetry. I’ve done this one as separate objects so still getting a feel for the sizing etc. I plan to pose a finished version holding the Slingblade. I have not used paint yet in Sculptris either so texturing there may help too.

Cheers XGibbo :wink: