Where do I start???

Thanks for allowing me to try ZBrush.
My primary use for ZBrush is creating 3D (actually 2.5D) .slt images for cutting on my cnc router/engraver. I am NOT an artist, cartoonist, gamer, etc, cannot figure out photoshop, and 70% of the tools in InkScape and Paint Shop Pro are beyond my current abilities.

Is ZBrush the right tool or me? Are there videos that will take me to the level I desire?
Thanks Again

Hello @LangeCraft

Welcome to the boards!

This is a good place to start with the documentation.

The Pixologic Classroom is a good place to watch some introductory videos.

The Ask Zbrush series covers a wide range of intermediate topics.

There is always commercial instruction available.

Zbrush is a widely used software, so there is quite a bit of amateur tutorial and instruction floating around if you look. Don’t skip the fundamentals! It will make everything else more difficult to learn if you skip over the basic stuff.

Good luck!