What is the best place to download ZBrush brushes, alphas, and IMM?

What sites do you use to find good brushes, alphas, IMM, textures, etc?

In the Resource Center you will find tabs for plugins, grids, MatCaps, textures and alphas.

Here at ZBC there is also the Insert Multi-Mesh Repository.

When adding these items to ZBrush, please use the ZFolders for most of them. For example:

ZBrush 2020\ZMaterials

Those resources will then be available through LightBox. You can also place items in the ZStartup folders. For example:

ZBrush 2020\ZStartup\Materials

Keep in mind that the more you put there the longer it will take ZBrush to launch and the more memory will be required to hold them. Too many and you will start to experience strangeness with the UI as well. So keep your ZStartup folders limited to those items that you expect to use virtually every ZBrush session. A good rule of thumb is no more than 25 of any given ZStartup item.


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