Video Tutorial: Knife Prop



This tutorial will cover the creation of bladed weapons like the knives pictured here, using various ZBrush features such as ZModeler, the Gizmo 3D, Live Boolean, DynaMesh and Surface Noise. Swords and knives are often created as accessories for characters in the film and game industries. Using ZBrush, these weapons can be easily created for use as props on character models, conceptual artwork, or even 3D Printing as cosplay or product design.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Insane JD! Super cool!


You are a monster, well done dude!


Sharp! :slight_smile: Keep it up mate!


The knives look real. Excellent work.


…cutting indeed! :sunglasses:


very nice tutorial … i enjoyed it :+1:


Hi aurick !

This message cause your knives look really real and I’d like to have the possibility to download the part 2 & 3 of the process like the first one to see them offline when I want to.

Hope you’ll help me.

See you and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


very nice tutorial … i love it


very nice tutorial


Hello Aurick : BTW, would you know how to “insert” a video into a post as in this thread?

I have tried and searched but can only post the LINK to a ( YouTube ) video while replying to a thread and not
the video itself. What am I missing?

Hope you can help. All the best. Paleo3d.


Cool video tutorial I like that


It’s very helpful to create the same knife. I will try to do the same work.
Thank you so much.