Vichar's Sketchbook

You’ve made a dragon seem tangible as you have the vulnerable deer.

Awesome!!! :+1:

great work!

Cool! Great movement in the sculpt.

Wow! Love the expression of both creatures, the movement. The story.

beautiful sculpt…what did you render it in?

Cool work here:) keep posting!

Really great work posted here :slight_smile:

  • Wow nice work !

Woah! Dope!

Ha, that’s brutal. Awesome.

Great work Man!

I just love it!!!

HI Guys
SORRY for late reply,:wink:
thank you for your great appreciation and support it really means a lot to me
thank you :slight_smile:

[<b>gabo1991</b>](http://www.zbrushcentral.com/member.php?46557-gabo1991)_i have used 3d max for rendering

A small tribute to a great master HR Giger

A tribute to H.R.-Giger.jpg

I hope you all will like it:)


A tribute to H.R.-Giger.jpg

Great work , i like it! H.R. Giger R.I.P.

nice tribute

thank you

long time since my last post!
here is my (WIP) version of Beauty and the Beast . that I´have done in my spare time in the last few weeks. All done in Z Brush (started all with dynamesh, and then sculpted, for hair i have used fiber mesh , still lots to sculpt.
BeautyandtheBeast_02_zpsfabfbb03.jpg BeautyandtheBeast_03_zps38514f2b.jpg BeautyandtheBeast_04_zps48f98746.jpg

BeautyandtheBeast_13_zps4b13cab1.jpg BeautyandtheBeast_14_zps9d83c2b0.jpg BeautyandtheBeast_15_zps67ef5060.jpg

Looks great. I love the concept as well.