Venom hunter

Love it!

Very nice!

klobuk dole :wink: Good job

Freaking awesome!

Beyond the absurd…i’m speechless. Could u share how you have sculpt/done the spider “web” among eggs and the filaments on the strigs ? Thx in advance, keep up the good work

Absolutely wonderful, great work of art… :slight_smile:

Great image!
Would love to see some breakdowns about your workflow

The detail level is amazing!!! Just an exquisite model!

Thanks to all!!! happy you like it :slight_smile:

if you have some questions,just let me know and i will try to reply you.

LVXIFER - spider webs are done with the CobWeb 3dsMax script - just straight lines… to get the required look i imported the webs in Zbrush and remeshed it all,
so the overlapping areas were connected together like glued and some impressive areas and details came out.hope it helped you :slight_smile:

cool stuff

drop jaw!!!:lol: nice modeling and rendering 10 stars for me!

This **** is amazing man

amazing!!! just awesome! :D:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Not a fan of WoW, but of this! incredible! really nice job on the sculpt compo and render! congrats on top row :slight_smile:

THIS IS THE SICKEST* WORK I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!! (*sick meaning good :wink:
WOW MAN,freakin awesome!!
you are a digital GOD!

How many polys in total?
and what kinda system you need to work on a sculpt like this?

Highregards from
new fan boy max

How did you manage to send your sculpts from zb to max, light poly + displace|normals maps or thru a decimated model ?

Holy poop man, I thought the first image was a painting, great comp work. How did you get the web silk made?


thx you are very kind…i must absolutely check that plug in, i’ve 3dsmax 2010 and it works with 2012 i must have the newer version to test it…i’d like to work on my models with my typical style adding webs here and there…the problem is i dont know how to export my models to 3ds max preserving all the details (oh well it’s my problem eheh…i’ve tryed with uvmaster, decimation plug in but they are always raw compared with what i have on zbrush)…another thing i’m curious about those details see the attachment

thx again you are a true master!1810.jpg

Freakinawesome stuff! :D:+1: