Vanitas: a portrayal of human degeneration - 3D Illustration

Hello Everyone!
“Vanitas: a portrayal of human degeneration” is my latest piece That I’ve been working on.

Mankind, at the peak of it’s Civilization, luxurious shell and With the knowledge it has acquired, it’s bow has been drawn more than ever, yet Mold, a symbol of corruption, destruction and extinction, took over our minds, our thoughts and our selves.
a declining dignity and chaos swallowed everything that is left for us. The hope summed up in a candle that has no power, and the Apollo, which represents Knowledge, Prophecy and light, buried and lost its beauty along with the molds.

Softwares used:
ZBrush, 3dsmax, Corona renderer, Photoshop


the idea came to me about a year ago, to create a moldy sculpture. I decided to create each part from a different stone which I’m actually working on the physical model at the moment, so the physical version is also made out of different marble stones, both as a technical challenge and of course to make it more valuable, then I decided to add molds on the face to destroy the whole value.
the stone shows the shell, our selves, our beings which became too luxurious but our mind are fading into decay, covered in molds.

I’ll soon share the breakdown and early stages.

Closeups & Additional images:

Closeup_Max_01 Closeup_Max_02

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I love this!, would love to see a creation process for that mold, looks really good, reminds me of takayuki’s work

Thanks a lot @nrdiec , Much appreciated. I’m creating a Video soon for the whole breakdown. but I created an image which I tried to show the breakdown for the molds, Hope it’s helpful


Great techniques @reza-lowpoly and thanks for sharing it :clap: came out very nice!

awesome @reza-lowpoly that’s very helpful indeed. thanks for sharing. i have to try it on something now :smiley:

Cheers, Thanks a lot @Jaime much appreciated!

Thanks @nrdiec I’m glad that It was helpful, I would love to see the outcome of that!

as the Physical model is in the WIP stage, here are some of the images from the early stages of progress. I tried the 3D Printing pipeline so that the parts would go into each other after the whole piece is finished. The images below are from a Prototype that Mohsen Zare & I did on so that if everything works out we would start the milling on the marble stones.
The Top Image shows the early stages of the cape, the bottom right image is the final prototype which parts went into each other & The bottom left image shows the CNC in action, making the cape.