Thanks Super Glitcher – yes, I like those areas where tech & organic collide.

Went back and reworked this idea…
Made a few adjustments, and added some primitives to the GroBoto model – exported it in two parts so I’d be free to push the main features around without disturbing his ‘brain’.

'tho I’m not quite done with this guy yet, I couldn’t resist a tiny bit of Photoshop play (bottom image).

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…a bit of color manipulation in Photoshop:





WOW~so creative~I love it:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Fantastic, Darrel.

It has to be fun building your base mesh in your “own” application…:+1:

Took another swipe at the termite model (see earlier post in this thread).

In each case these are quick sketches – just exploring what can be ‘found’ in these abstract GroBoto forms – all of the detail inherent in the imported mesh makes things pretty rich right from the start.

This one has a more ornate – almost 19th century – feel.

Thanks for taking a look,

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…research! :+1:


Thanks pingu722, I appreciate the encouragement.

Thanks markkens – yep… and I want everyone else to have the same fun – as soon as we can get the betas ready.

Thanks Frenchy Pilou – always nice to hear from a kindred spirit in the odd field of ‘aesthetic research’ – I enjoy your work.


Todays experiment/sketch… just a few hours.

Split the GroBoto model into two pieces fro a main/subtool setup in ZBrush. I hope to take the base model in a few different directions – this one went 19th century on me again. Something about this brass matcap that tilts my brain in that direction… will go for something modern next time (maybe, I’m not really in control once I start sculpting).

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cool style!

Hey sasquatchpoacher,


Love what you’ve got going with your Jug Band - esp. like the Crawfish.


Roughly based on a drawing – ‘enzo thigmite’ – I did several years ago (pencil w/Photoshop coloring)… but wanted this gut to be his own bug.

Base mesh set up in GroBoto as usual.

Still very much a WIP – would like to push towards more organic/insect, less robotic.

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Wow. Eventually there’s going to be some “how did I do that…?” along with these, one can only hope.

Maybe that you’ve got so much free art time on your hands indicates how far along GroBoto is to the 3.0 beta?

Keep 'em coming!

Great stuff!

Thanks markkens.
Thanks dlb.

Sure markkens… make me feel good, then make me feel guilty. I’m an artist at heart (started long before I ever touched a computer), and it’s been a bit tuff having so little art time over the last few years… I simply must carve out some time for art to stay happy/sane.

That said, this Z work is really all part of the process of perfecting GroBoto’s OBJ output. There have been some revelations/retooling – so it may be a few more weeks before betas are ready – but the meshes will be much more ‘ZB friendly’. I’ll be glad to do a little how-to soon – makes best sense to do it once the improved meshes are working. Thanks again for the encouragement (and the nudge).

Here’s the update of ‘enzo’…

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[attach=108883]enzo4F-wb.jpg[/attach] :slight_smile:




Wow very unique! I’m loving it. Keep it up.

Thanks RealFantasy.

I may try sculpting one of his friends next.





A revisit to the ‘tadpole’ vehicle (see earlier post above).

Sleeker lines – less ornate. Also added a new GroBoto generated sub object (the propeller).

Chassis was reworked a bit – it has some bad distortion where I just pushed parts of it out of the way – no longer wanting it to poke through the body.

A bit more to do – but I don’t want to overdo or over detail – a sketch really.

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now thats cool :smiley:

Darrel, how did you do the propeller? I need something similar for a personal project…or is this done with the beta? Thanks.

dude that scooter thing is awesome… I wish had a
real bronze of that for my desk :smiley:

I like the bottom right version the best, without
the shell, mechanix exposed :+1:

Thanks Erklaerbar.

Thanks Super Glitcher. Me too – it’s that kid in me, still loving little miniatures & toys. The Chassis does need a little repair 'tho – in one area it looks like the mechanic used a sledge hammer to make room for the new body.

Hey markkens, You can create and export similar propeller forms with the current GroBoto. I’ll send you a sample bot in a private message. I did use the new unified mesh to export this one, but it’s not really necessary. In fact both our original and new mesh options have their advantages with this sort of form. Depends on what sort of ZBrush sculpting you have in mind.