Tutorial: Interesting things with SubTools. (ver2)


(o) ne,
draw a sphere on your canvas, convert it to a 3D mesh. …delete the original sphere and then draw the new PM 3Dsphere on the canvas…
Hit “T” on your keyboard to go into edit mode and under the brush menu choose either the meshinsert fit or meshinsert dot brush , then under the meshinsert preview button choose your ring and draw the ring onto your sphere within the canvas…
You can split all the meshes you add to the sphere onto their on layers by going to TOOLS menu ,the subtool and
clicking on the grpSplit button, now each separate mesh should be on its own layer… hope this helps.


Cscuplture…Don’t know if you have figured this one out yet,
but get a PM3D sphere on your canvas,under TOOLS> texture , assign a UVP ( planar map ) to the sphere.
In the material menu choose toy plastic and in the texture menu, choose the pupil jpeg, and that should work…
The pupil jpg came from one thread on this forum, and I apologize I would like to give him credit but I can’t remember at this moment where it came from.

Kaiton, unzip the zscript and place it in your zscript folder within the main Zbrush folder and then open ZBrush and under the zscript menu choose load and select the newly installed Zscript… a play button should show up in the tutorial window just below the main canvas window… hope this helps.

vedanta, thanks for the explanations, but I mean that script crashes in the beginning…

:mad:grr, 3.1 broke yet another script of mine. Will have to remake for 3.1 :frowning:

Thanks vedanta, for explaining in the mean time. :smiley:

That would be great.

I can’t believe I missed this one for all this time it’s been up here. LOL :smiley:
‘waitin’ for the 3.1 ver since it broke on mine Z3.1 too.
Thanks for takin’ all the trouble to show us these stuff. :wink:

Look 4ward to the update :cool: …Where does that lovely EYE .jpeg come from ?

Delighted to help, Game Master 770

Cscuplture:I forgot to mention in the eye demo that you have to bake both the material and the texture to allow you to bring the eye mesh in as a sub tool…again this is revealed in Game Master 770’s great zscript.:smiley:

It came from an artist on this forum, I want to give him credit but it will take some time to find him, will let you know when I find out…:smiley:

Hey GM, I can;t get your tut’to go all the way. I get to the part where you are going to manipulate thr rings subTools and I get this error.


Any reasons way the insertMesh isn’t creating rings with separate polygroups??

Thanks for the tut anyway!

Sure, almost for people that only have ver 3.1

Pretty sure you were referring to this nice person:



texture wrap.jpgHi vedanta ,
thanks for this simple tutorial, had been looking everywhere for a simple way to texture eye. I thought i could apply the same process with a seamless pattern, to apply to my frog model. but the texture on my sphere seams to be mirrored, is there a button i have not clicked? what have i done wrong?

Hi Curlycreative,
I’ve been away from Zbrush for quite sometime now…So I don’t have an instant answer for you. Maybe someone else in this thread can answer you… good luck.