translucent material?

Hi there
although I love Zbrush, I am getting more and more fixed by sculptris.
I love the possibility to easily load a reference image into the background and start to sculpt. But I am wondering if there is a possibility to use a translucent material for the object to see through. Now I always have to sculpt left or right of the reference image.
Thanks in advance

use foreground reference utility with your reference image in it,
or use irfan view(in the options menu click “always on top”)
put your reference on the left or right(or second monitor)
keep your model in the middle(this way you can use symmetry)

MeshMixer has a transparent material, but you cant load images as backgrounds in MM…
i still think its better to just use Irfan View or FRU for references.

one example is calcite.
In calcite, when you look through it, you see the whatever is on the other side of it, but it is blurry.
that means that calcite is translucent.

Try this one - http://www.digitalartistguild.com/mi...tyExplain.html