Today we are launching our very own Discord channel!

Hello all,

Today myself and a few others are launching a Discord channel for ZBrush chat! Discord is an all-in-one chat platform that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. With this channel, we hope to promote collaboration, growth, and learning within the community through more instant interactions. Come talk to like minded individuals, ask questions, share critiques, and learn from one another.

You can click the link below to join us. Thank you all, and looking forward to seeing you over on Discord!


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good server with great people
come by there :slight_smile:


I think my only doubt is that when the groups are moderate and have a good community base, people begin to alienate themselves when they do not adhere to the group’s policy. I’m not talking about trolls or disrespectful people. I’m talking about people like me who have not felt welcome or have even been able to deal with other autistic people.

I never felt that I could be friends with most people. The issue of autism brings a lot of shame, hatred and frustration.

I’m just pointing out that while such a thing would be fun, I could easily leave people who have not been treated so well on their own. I hope it makes sense.

I am following your channel on discord.
Keeps it up

not very good server, people there make fun of autism and the people who have issues with literally most problems they dont even help em and make fun of them, this is the worst server ive joined and follygon does nothing about it