The Spork's WIPS

Not too sure how long the other forum will last, so I’ll start a new thread here with a few of my older sculpts just in case.

Edit: This was my first post. Just realized I could go back and insert the attatched pics into the post.


awesome work, my favorite is the dragon and the troll :slight_smile: Please finish the troll, with some bump map painting and texture!

The Indian head and cowboy models interested me the most, but very good work all around!

The cowboy looks great.

Well done indeed.


Thanks everyone. Glad some of those sculpts were enjoyed. I’m still in the practicing phase, so I’m hopeful that over time I’ll finally get a bit better…:smiley: Just started a new man’s head since I haven’t had a chance to do much in Sculptris lately. Thought I’d post it here as well. Might use it as a model to practice getting better with adding hair to some sculpts.


Here’s the new sketch for tonight. No paint or bump but still fun.


Tried to add some texture to that latest head. I still need to spend more time practicing how to do skin. But I guess it will do for now. Are there any good tutorials on some techniques for texturing skin or are there some good brushes that I should be using?


Wow! very impressive work!:grimacing:

Thanks dreamz. Still learning here.

Decided to rework some kind of werewolf head. Didn’t come out all that great, but I’m adding it anyway for now. Still have a few other ideas that I have to try out first.

The first head that I had done a while back looked way too much like a regular wolf.




When I saw that older werewolf pic I saw a few others that I thought I would just post on here as well that I’ve made since finding Sculptris. Nothing great, but kind of goes with all the other WIPs on here.


Spent a bit of time today trying to figure out texturing skin again. Used a different brush that I made for this one. Not the best, but I think I’m slowly getting there.


My favorites of yours are:

the Ware wolf - good anatomy, hands and expression.
the yelling “goblin/elf” - good anatomy, expression looks a bit between yelling and surprised though.
The lion head - love this one, great character design & expression in the eyes, though i wish he was a bit more finished.
The fat mouse - Lmao, it’s one of those pictures that gets funnier the longer you look at it. His clothing kinda reminds me of Mario, and i could see him with a hat, mustache and staring at a coin made of cheese or something with that crazed expression on his face, LOL.

good stuff, keep it up!

Thanks for all the comments there FiL. Most of those were just me having fun with Sculptris. The lion was the only one that I’ve done so far based a bit loosely on a previous sketch. I hadn’t thought about that with the mouse though…:smiley: Had to laugh at that one. He’s the new Super Mousio. Now I would just have to finish him up and create his brother Loucheesi (which may just require changing the color of the shirt). Coming soon to the Nontendo Wee! I wonder if they would let that pass as an XBL Indie game?

And here’s the new model for tonight. I changed it a bit from the image I originally had in mind when I started. It turned into my own little Chupacabra.


Something new again. Using some exagerated features on this old guy. Could still use some additional work on the wrinkles.


Hey Spork, have you ever seen This video on how to paint skin? I really like the wrinkle and skin details you’ve but into the bumpmap, but i think the color’s a bit uniform. Good work, and i hope you find the video useful.

Thanks FiL. Just watched that video. That’s kind of what I had been looking for. That looks like it could easily be adapted to Sculptris. Should be very useful. I do see what you mean with the additional color in there. I did try and add some color to the skin in certain areas, but it doesn’t show through all that well. I’m still working on that one, so I can still try and see what I can do with the base colors to get it looking a bit better.

Meant to go back into that old guys head, but once I started sculptris back up I had a bit of fun instead.


I was planning on painting him, but once I started, the coloring made him look like he needed one of those toadstool caps. Might try and paint him again tomorrow.


oh a walking grinning mushroom, how very neat…smile

Thanks. It’s the Garden Gremlin.