The Risen Reaper General from Court of the Dead

A few more…




here a little video of the Glue process :

That’s awesome!!!

That’s really cool!

I’ve yet to hold my own work in my hands, but at some point…

So the key to getting good detail is planning each piece to be printed??? Maxing out the size for each piece per printer capabilities???

This is really super cool!!!

Astonishing level of detail, stunning work! The scale is just incredible, what is this awesome piece printed on? Thanks!

WOW !! this is insane !! the amount of work in this piece is crazy !! so inspiring.

Amazing work, Martin.

buenisimo Martin!!

Wow, thanks so much for the Kind words about our work, for sure this is My favorite Line insides Sideshow !!!

awesome work :+1:

amazing work…thank you for sharing.

nightwoodwolf Thanks so much !!

gabo1991 , Thanks to you too, happy you enjoyed it!!

  • Remarkable work.

Canale por aqui, no sabia, me sorprendio, buena escultura felicitaciones

EPIC work, Martin!

Killer job on this statue! Thanks for sharing too!

Totally awe inspiring work. And just inspiring too.