The Omkelend W.I.P

Hello everyone.
The original concept Im working on is based off of “The Omkelend Creature” by Edin Durmisevic. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qZdWR
This is a project I’ve been working on during my lunch breaks. I want to create this thread for my work in progress as I go along. During the texturing process I plan to break up the symmetry. More to come soon.






Love it, reminds me of something I made in spore! :smiley:

Started texturing this creature. Still a lot to do. rigging, posing, finish texturing. More to come!

Character I made based on Edin Durmisevics monster design. A project I was working on during lunch breaks to practice substance painter. Theres not a huge difference from the previous W.I.P post but I adjusted some of the textures and did a subtle pose with it. Meant to be a quick project and ended up taking longer than planned so I just want to move forward to the next project. Hope you like it.