The Librarian

I Have done alot of work in Photoshop and Maya, but am pretty new to Zbrush.
I just finished working on this piece. I sculpted the head in Zbrush, from a poly sphere, with little regard for topology (about 6 million polys). Originally I sculpted the hair (as a subtool) but it was a little to blocky so I took it into Maya and created tubes for all head and facial hair then imported these as subtools. The skin is painted in Zbrush without a UV map… poly painted. I rendered it in layers (BPR) with shadow, occlusion, and depth; then composited it in photoshop. The library and smoke are added in photoshop.
This program, ZBrush, is fantastic. The creative freedom is inspired for any media, astounding for a computer program.

Thank You ZBrush


The Librarian1.jpg