The Last of Us - Character Sculpts (+ images Pg 8 & Pg 12)

Very nice I especially like the emotion in the young girls face in the render.Great stuff!

Really awesome and inspiring!

That work looks really great! Very clean!
Is the portrait and clothing work from scratch?
Could you share the process?

Awesome sculpts :+1:

Absolutely stunning! I love the game so far. I’m horrible at it but I love it!


Superb work!

hell YES. This is amazeballs to the umpteenth degree Mike. Everything looks soooooooooo good! You know everyone is going to beg for breakdowns on pretty much everything!!! haha! Speaking of:

  1. What size maps did you guys use for these? Any modularity at all?
  2. Triangle count??
  3. Approximately how long (average) to take a character like Joel or Ellie from start to ingame finished, shaders and all.
  4. How long for something like the Clicker?
  5. How many draw calls for humans vs creatures?
  6. The cloth work is absolutely amazing! Is any of that scan data??? It looks so reaaal! If you hand sculpted it all, any brushes or techniques you can share would be greatly appreciated!
  7. How did you sculpt the black guys hair???
  8. How much do you charge for an autographed wacom stylus :slight_smile: Seriously, killer work man! Inspired to say the least.

great work and awsome sculpt details , cant wait to play the game


Oh dear, all the blood has quickly left my head and gone somewhere else. Awesome sculpts!

Interesting, thank you very much, I will make sure to try that. Again incredible sculpts, very realistic, detailed, and just awesome.

These are just phenomenal. I know the answer to this but are these scans? they just look so damn good. fantastic work!

Made my day. Thanks for sharing these amazing sculpt images !

Wow, this is top row stuff ! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Amazing man, outstandanding. I really would like to know with what software you made this great hair!
Thanks for the Infos.
Greets Roland

Incredible work. Did you use a scan-base or are these made 100% from scratch?

Sorry, question #2 for me…what are the time frames on these? say…per character…

Beautiful work. Count me among the inspired. I can’t wait to play the game.

Congrats on the great game and fantastic sculpts.