The "Holy cow! - Santa Claus is an alien" fun Challenge

I believe that sculptris is not dead. :wink:

The theme is quite clear.
Could be cartoon or real.

Most important is fun and a lot of people showing their work with sculptris.
Sculptris should be base tool.
Use whatever tools you want for final pic.

Show Santa solo or with “sleigh” and “animals”.
I haven’t seen that much in the net, so I am looking forward to see a lot of fresh stuff from all genres here.

Post your WIP Pics here, or open your own thread.
I will open a final thread where to post all final entries.
Post one final pic in there and one small pic of final sculptris stage.
Thread gallery will give a nice overview.
Multiple entries are allowed.

This challenge will end on december 25th GMT.

Have fun!!

still workin on mine!

Nice to see some action, and a great idea for a challenge. Count me in!

Not really sure what to do yet as I just saw the thread.

I hope many will participate, and make Sculptris better and bigger for all of us. :smiley:

Great idea, and a funny one!!!
“I believe that sculptris section is not dead”
I believe it too, though it isn’t in its best health.
Lot of new users are also zbrush users. Me among them. Dynamesh changed everything though. Lot of possibilities there, still, I love sculptris.
If I understood correctly, we have to render in sculptris only. Why so? Sculptris is great but there isn’t any render engine, practically. Shadow casting is the only way to present sculpting. I think, what you would like to write is “use any app except zbrush”. LOL
Paradox but still funny.

@michalis, rendergod :smiley:
Just thought to make it easy for people with no experience in other apps.

It’s a fun challenge. If there is more fun rendering in whatever you want, do it.
I will change that. But would be nice to see how far one have used sculptris with an extra picture.


“Use whatever tool you want for final entry”

Have fun.

Sounds like great fun! I will try to contribute to this one :smiley:

Sure rendering is better in other apps, but I agree that its interesting to see how far Scuptris alone can be used in this challenge. It´s not about “not using ZB”, its sticking to one app as long as possible.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing some fun stuff!

Intresting , ps sculptris hardly has a limit :stuck_out_tongue:

It´s not about “not using ZB”,

he he It was my humor.
As for rendering, I can’t expect much from sculptris except of heavily painting over (Ps).
To be able to export in another app-render is always an interesting challenge. :wink:

Had to try my hands at this one. Maybe a bit too much alien and not enough santa though. I’ll try a different sculpt with a bit of a different look. I don’t have any of the other renderers, so I just used Sculptris for this.

…and you do it so funny freaking good!

I maybe 64, but I’m not dead and neither is this forum…so I will continue to express my ideas in my thread whether or not,
I get a lot of comments or not…I notice people still look at my ideas anyway and thats whats really satisfying for me anyway…

Ahh, at last another fun challenge, Thanks for getting us started Knacki…:+1:

Thanks again Knacki.

Started a new one this morning with a bit more santa in it. Still haven’t added in the hat or done a lot of the details with the back or the beard, but I figured this is a WIP page, so I’d post it for now.


This is what I have so far



Knacki, looks good so far. Some of the areas around the face are blending in a bit for me. I’m sure those will stand out a bit more once everything is colored in.

And time for alien santa 2 for me. Tried to make it a bit more santa this time, but it looks a bit more like an alien went out and found himself a santa costume. Again, all Sculptris. PS to put the images together.

Thanks Sporky - yes, you are right. it’s blending in the moment.
When everything is done I hope it will be obvious. I guess this gonna be the most difficult part in my pic.

Your second one is again a very nice and well done sculpt, even though I like the first, the more subtle one much more.
So freaky unexpected. :smiley:

here’s my little take … I cheated and started with an export from Wings3D … I use the Manifold Lab version with the extra plugins like the shape extruder I used to build the rails …

Here is a small wip of a Santas Xeno Helper…


Hello earth people!
Santa Claus is coming to town. ding dong :lol:

(santa portrait, and the basic element of this creature in sc. Multiplied reshaped and rendered in zb. Background constructed and rendered in 3dcoat)



It’s incredible! :+1: