The Execution of Lady Jane Grey,The tribute.

A masterpiece in it’s own right. Exquisite work! :+1:

Wow! Amazingly beautiful

I’m speechless…great great work…what about rendering, materials etc ?

Woo! thanks for the Top raw plug ! :), is my first one there!

Amazing work! Congrats! :smiley:

Wow !! Superb!! :slight_smile: Congrats !! :+1:

Magnificent work!

I’m impressed.:+1:

That’s what i call a master piece!
Great job!

This is simply the best Zbrush work ever.Not just because of the beautifull final composition but all the different skills needed to achieve this quality work. Every single detail is beautifull…
At last someone is using real art as reference and inspiration. Please guys , more art in this direction and less wolverine replicas or women wearing combat bikinis!

…is always up to date! :wink:

I am in absolute awe at the final piece. Amazing !


wow, really stunning work!!!
perfect lighting and render

wow !! mind blowing work… really amazing… keep it up… it would be helpful if u upload the work process… thank u !!!

amazing this project perfect …

Like the whole work, but especially the hair and fur, and the hand gestures are so delicate…Thanks … :smiley:

I used to regularly go to the National Gallery about 40 years ago just to stare at this painting. This ZBrush work is well executed (no pun intended) but you have chosen a very very difficult subject as has completely missed the tumultuous pathos of the original. I was always struck by the way Lady Jane’s hand seemed to be blindly feeling for something such that it was palpable. The executioner seemed curiously uninvolved and the cleric exuded an air of despicableness.

nice sculpts and render!excellent idea!

wow!! awsome dude