The Daily Sculptry

Why not? :rolleyes:

Lower poly painted version:




Original high poly version




Not quite a hard surface more like a hard shell:

Not sure but this unpainted version may look better?

A sculpdoodle for today


For today here is how I am feeling

ahah c’mon cheer up!
And keep working!! :smiley:
Me too i had the idea of doing a doodle every day with sculptris…but then i got problems :rolleyes: (yes i’m lazy :smiley: :D)

At least your not too lazy to post here :smiley: Thank’s :smiley:

Clothing designed by me, figure by someone else.


Your " feeling for the day " is actually a very nice abstract sculpt…:slight_smile:

doing a doodle a day might not be a bad idea for me either
I’ve been working on cannonfrog for overa week and almost starting to get bored with it…so a switch might do me good…:wink:

Thanks I’m thinking maybe do one for happy, grumpy, sneezy— oh wait thats the dwarfs :lol:.
Actually I do think other than the tears it would make a nice logo for someone :cool:

I’ve been working on something for a while too only I get bored easily and need to branch out a little to prevent that!

Created two sculpts today :smiley:

pumpkin s.jpg


mars pet.jpg

A simple wooden chair for today:

My dog Max passed away on thursday so not been up to sculpting , I’ll be back soon though!

That’s harsh, man. Worse than losing a family member :frowning:

Yeah it’s tough!

I managed to create this tonight even if it is a little Flishy:

Sub shark:

Did this one under the influance of flu in a few minuites so it will have to do:

Something viral:


Call it a Gogg: