Texture Sets?

Anyone care to share any? I thought it might be nice to make a post full of everyone’s textures.

Edit: After some better searching, I found some spread throughout the forums. I’ll link what I find here, and upload any others. I welcome everyone to share any they have as well.


Nice work! :D:+1:

Ooooo, I’m stuck :slight_smile:

Eye texture by SculptrisNewb: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showpost.php?p=722171&postcount=40

Great idea to have share stickies :+1: :slight_smile:

A great skin texture pact…link below


I don’t know if these can be used in sculptris, but just in case they can, I will post them here.
I’ve only used them in ZBRUSH a couple of times…really fun to use.
Credit goes to Andrew Holzmeister for putting together this great skin texture pact,…and also for generiously sharing it…:slight_smile:

Wow! That really IS a good texture pack. Thanks Spirit for posting that. Thanks to Andre for creating it of course :slight_smile:

I dunno if these are any use to anyone.Eyeball Grey.jpgEyeball Blue.jpgEyeball Brown.jpg

Sure are. I actually don’t have any eye text’s yet, so thanks.

Some fun ones I whipped up in MaCrea_v015b
I dident even know what it was or what it was for at first till I sort of recognized what I was making!
Anyhow these have been proving fun and interesting.


(PS: These are “materials” not “textures” and need to go in the materials directory)SculptrisTextures.zip (427 KB)

Thanks guys! These are really great!

here’s a couple of patterns

download patterns

Those look neat but are nearly impossible to get at because Google thinks its clever when its not. (as in it opens the .rar into something all of its own)
You can upload those here as a .zip file and it should work perfectly.


I re-linked, thanks for letting me know.

The rar worked fine, you just click File and choose download original.
It’s not that Google thinks they are smart, it’s just the way they set up the hosting, so you can download parts if that’s all you need.

I know, I tried that (file menu) and nothing happened in Firefox and then (after you mentioned it again) tried in Chrome which I dislike due to all the advertisements and crap and it seems to work fine. Yay?
Some how that figures. GRIN!!!
I for one do not welcome our new Googly Overlords.


(And thank you again Maciej!!)

Not sure if anyone have posted these, but a nice pack used with mudbox can be found here http://forums.3dtotal.com/showthread.php?p=834204

Those look neat!


Thank you :slight_smile:

Dreamz I have a couple of ides for those eyes.

Thank you very much for sharing them.