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Alrighty then, I’ll post some of my experiments with Sculptris here, too. I’ll maintain my gallery thread on the original forum, but don’t mean to ignore its new owner. After all, I’ve always loved Zbrush and simply am in love with Sculptris for that matter and why shouldn’t I embrace a little software harem. :lol:

Taron’s gallery :rolleyes:

(Thanks Marcus!):idea:

This is a collection of experiments, which are truely quick doodles for the most part and should illustrate the spontanuity and depth of Sculptris as a true 3d sketching tool.
The point is, you can really just have some quick fun and the results almost feel complete or at least presentable, I think. That being said, it’s perfect to start exploring the art of sculpting itself and to teach yourself aspects that have little to no relation to technical or software related concerns. I’ve done my most enlightning (to myself) anatomy studies with Sculptris and keep finding out more about my own style in the briefest amount of time.

Anyway, I hope you’re having some fun with the above and will see that I sync up a little bit every now and then, should the forum allow me to.












There’s no mystery - see here:
Posting images at ZBC

awesome stuff Taron! I really like the detail put into the last two, and the color work overall is great!
I’ve seen some of those on the original forum (during the three or four days i was a part of that forum), but it’s great to see you’ve started a thread here at ZBC. Please keep us posted :smiley:

Thanks FIL! I’ll see to keeping it in sync. :slight_smile:

And thanks again, Marcus! I only had vague memories of how things work around here and remember how I used to applaud to exactly that. Ever since ImageShag censored the first image I have all the way up there, because it had something that looks like a boob in it, I got a bit scared of using that site in the first place.


It’s good to see your work here again. I look forward to seeing more.

THANKS! :smiley:
Well then, I shall also post today’s doodle… I actually figured I could take it a lot further, but here’s what it is…
(quick update)

Nice work, Taron! Although the material you used on that last one’s eyes make them seem phosphorescent. Is that the affect you were going for?

Yes! :cool:
But it’s really sloppy nonsense, of course. From another angle you can see that this is an alien, but it really was only a silly experiment to leave the second material a gel test I made a few days ago during developing “MaCrea”. All materials (all two of them, lol) I’ve made with it, but it doesn’t do justice to what it can do already. I might play some more with him again and actually make a set of mats for him.
Thanks, though! :slight_smile:

The Morph Image is fantastic. I should say fantastic as always :wink:

As ever, great work Taron. One of those heads looks really familiar to me… :slight_smile:

what percentage of your detail is sculpted and what percent is bump mapped?

Are you using the supplied texture brushes or your own?

THanks, ChrRambow! :slight_smile:

Thanks, poda! I almost hope it’s my self-portrait attempt, haha, that would be comforting, but I’m sure you mean another… :lol:
The only existing alpha I use is mask5 I think, a little feathered dot. In the beginning I used a bunch of alphas by users of the old forum (wikkidwidgets and jim), but pretty much all of the above are with my own brushes. I wrote my own fractal noise and voronoi filter for after effects, which I’ve used for my favorite cell brush. I almost use that one a bit too often, because it’s so beautifully lazy.
The percentage between bump and geometry is similar to how it used to be before Zbrush came up, actually. The major foldings are geometry, but complimenting wrinkles are bumped. It’s important to avoid that bumps reveal themselves, so sillhuetting elements like large enough veins are always geometry. Those then can get companion bumps that are similar, but not has strong, same like with foldings vs. wrinkles. Sometimes I use the bump brush without any texture to create an iris for the eye. It can be a nice effect. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Very Cool Taron :slight_smile:

LOL Taron, I was definitely talking about the self portrait!

Thanks for the detailed explanation!

That,s really great use of sculptris :slight_smile: I love this app

Always the BEST, Fratello! :cool:

You never cease to inspire and amaze, my friend!

Hey Taron,

fantastic work on the images and the MaCrea Software too (didn’t noticed it at the scultris board…:rolleyes:) !

nice to have you here…

BTW: did you switch between sculptris and ZB when crating your models? If so, what’s your workflow? I get many artifacts when importing a sculptris mesh into ZB and Projection doesn’t work for me too… Vice versa importing a unified skin from ZB to sculptris works like a charm…:slight_smile:

greez from Germany,

impressive work as usual ! :smiley:

Thanks, guys! :smiley: …with me developing this little MaCrea app I’m a bit distracted from making more fun little sculpts, but I’m already looking forward to doing some justice to your great compliments! :slight_smile:

cuffi, everything I’ve shown here is almost exclusively done in Sculptris. Almost, because for the earlier snapshots up there I was using After Effects and Frischluft’s Depth of Field filter together with my own color correction filter to boost them a little. But the latter ones are all simply exported out of Sculptris with its build-in AntiAliasing, Depth of Field and Fog. Tomas did a decent job with the quick implementation of it and it goes a long way already. I still resize and crop a bit in PS, but other than that, it’s all Sculptris now.

For all the latest stuff I’m using my material creator (MaCrea), which can do some wild substances. But it’s such a fun playground for coding ideas that it’ll continue to grow for a while, I’m sure. The latest version also includes some fresnel, plenty of gain and bias controls as well as reflection image import and treatment. This thing should also work excellently for Zbrush, by the way. Havn’t tried it, yet, but it’s really just like a matcap feeder.

Greetings from the southern adriatic coast (oh joy) :cool:
…and thanks again, of course!

Your work is always inspiring to look at, Taron. :slight_smile: