Stuff and Nonsence

Thanks :smiley:

Going to hold off on this now. I am not happy with it but whatever.
I am trying to learn some Blender stuff and I am sick of having this hang over my head… + the Comicon comp over at GA is going to start up soon.


Every Now and Then I Remember How Much I Love Dune.

Happy New Year everyone.

That last one is dope!

Awesome work and so much of it! :lol:

Cheers, David

awesome sculpt and render!

The last one is a hella good idea, do the whole body at least.

muad’dib!! Well, not really, but it’s the only thing I can remember how to spell off hand. Nice.

Awesome style you have. Saw your recent post and instantly knew it was from Dune, Great Job! You need to sign up if they do a Reboot of it, or at least go back and redo the effects of it.

OOH! Dune stuff! My favorite!

I can’t see the image what everyone is talking about (Dune stuff) :cry:. Is there something wrong with my browser?

Same here xD

HUGE thanks everyone. I am glad you all dig it.

@ Icebox64 : @ seraph769 : Weird. I can’t see it on my phone but it works on my PC. I don’t know what my phone uses, but I use Chrome on my PC. I hope the new image come through ok.

A die hard Dune fan over on Polycount made an eye change suggestion. It was so good I had to do it.


Thanks again everyone and Happy New Year… for a second time.



Wow, that is indeed amazing! Thanks for reposting :slight_smile: love that rim light you got going on! been trying to achieve a similar effect, but not so successful…
would you mind sharing your lighting settings for that?
keep up the great work!!

Wow, the render/Sculpt are amazing! I really the love the atmosphere you’ve created with your lighting; I, for one, agree with the previous poster, please share some lighting goodness :slight_smile:

Lovely render! Could you share how did you get those hairs done, they look so real!! Thanks.

i like her face. good luck!

Amazing Works dude!
I follow you with great interest :slight_smile:

Awesome work. But i really loved the presentation for this last work!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Noticed this over on PC, real nice and simple, love it.

Great stuff, I love it. The light makes your characters look great.
May I ask you some info about how you did your light setup? Or maybe the matcap?