Spork in the road

Well, my laptop completely fried about a year ago. Now that I’ve got another one I thought it was about time to get back into Sculptris and start another sketchbook (mostly because I didn’t want to search for the old one…lol).

Here’s the first little guy to get things started.


Had to have an alien head in here.


Couple more sketches


Not a lot of time, but had to open up Sculptris again. Still have a lot of work on the head to do before I really start getting into the body.


Some changes, but still a lot to go.


Just about time to add in the fingers and the toes. Put in the plane as a helper to make sure that the feet and toes stay level.


Done for now. Quick color for him.


Couple new heads


Good stuff, I really like the dynamic on the first image of your second post, it seems he’s both menacing and scared, like if he was trying to warn against something, on the following images though, he lost that and became a bit more random, even it it also has some improvement in the sculpt (but the dynamic is kinda lost)

@Janvier I see what you mean about that initial base of the sculpt. I didn’t even see that when I got back into him. I think I already had a bit of a preconceived image in my head about where I wanted to go with him when I started back in on it. That would have made for a much more interesting direction to go in though.

And made a quick one for tonight.


Had a little time this afternoon for another sketch.


Started this one last night. Added a few more things to him, but I think he’s done for now.


And a fun little sketch for now.


Starting with this one. Was just a fun redesign in 3d. Might not be appropriate for here, but here it is anyway


And here’s one that I started working on lately. Can’t remember where I heard the phrase “Dogs of War” recently, but some characters started coming to mind for it. Here’s the beginnings of the first one. Still have a lot to do before taking him out of symmetry and adding in more gear.


Only got the shoe laces in, so not enough for a real update, but since he needed a gun I thought I’d start on that real quick. Since it will be fairly small, it didn’t really need too many fine details. I think this is the first gun that I’ve had to do. I now know that I’m definitely not a gun designer…lol. Just started throwing parts at it until it resembled a weapon.


This was a cheap laptop, so I’m not sure how far it will let me take Sculptris yet. But, I’m going to take this one either to the finish or until it crashes…lol. Just a few pieces added in for now. Don’t have the back padding or the rest of the straps. The magazine pouches are likely going to have to be resized once the gun gets brought in as well.


You are THE sculptris master!!!
Brilliant stuff.

I like the variety of surfaces you’re able to capture. The gear in the last image looks great

Thanks guys. Sorry it took so long to get back.

I did actually do a bit more with that last one. Got in some of the straps and connective areas for the pouches. I’ll still be going back into that one eventually here.

For some reason I wanted to try that claymation stuff again. This time just an extra step further. Yeah, I know the pelvis and torso should be moving independently and opposite. But it was just a test to see how long a full walk cycle would really take with a more filled out character. Didn’t want to go too realistic, but didn’t want it too cartoony either. Again, everything done in Sculptris. Just separated and exported each “frame” to Blender for rendering.


Marvelous anim. It’s very inspiring.

Thanks Serek. Going to be more fun to do something a bit more organic in that style.

Trying to make a better skin material than my last one. Not the final version, but someone might find it useful.

Quick sculpt to test it with.

This is as far as I got with one of the previous ones. Can’t do the center strap until I get it out of symmetry. Which also means creating a new gun.


Been needing a Sculptris break for some time.

Here’s what’s come out from that so far. Still adding in some more gear to the back before attempting to pose and paint.


Didn’t add in much, but I wasn’t too thrilled with how it came out either. Oh well, time to move on to something new.


Just some assorted sketches to add to here


That last guy needed the rest of his teeth




The Giant Ringtailed Kippen


These are so well done!
Sculptris at its best!

Thanks Knacki. Very little free time to open up Sculptris anymore, but it’s still too much fun to not open up from time to time.

Though I doubt that too many others will be here to remember the fun October can be, I thought I’d still add a quick image to start it off anyway.


Adding in some kind of blinded monk (minus all the robes, etc.)


Something quick, but a bit lighter


Got to have an alien in there.


Another quick one for tonight.


Kind of a simple goblin thing.


And another one.


Guess I edited that last one a few too many times as the edit option is no longer available anymore. Here’s a bit of a quick one. Certainly didn’t come out all that great, but here it is anyway…lol.

The Pygmy Andarell


They’re great!

Thanks maciej. Been a while since you’ve been around.

While I’ve been working on a couple of other models, I needed a bit of a break from them. So I decided to create a quick model based off of a sketch that I made for my son to color in yesterday.


That’s a cute pig!

Your son will be happy :wink:
Great work on all of them.
Haven’t touched sculptris way to long.

Btw. Tartan told you the master of sculptris and he is quite right in this.
We are meeting at taron’s verve forum.
It’s such a friendly and responsive small community there.
Maybe you wanna join with some paintings or talk?
Verve is as amazing for painting as sculptris was for sculpting those days.
Really worth a try.
Maciej, would be a blast to see you there as well.