Space Waltz

I am proud to present you my last personal work. There’s no need to be scared, its just a harmless dance. Although I bet the cosmonaut doesn’t feel very pleasant :slight_smile: I highly recommend to listen to THIS song, when you are watching my picture


Close UP

Shade Render

ZBrush Render






Wow! That is gorgeous! :+1:

Masterpiece! awesome work on the cosmonaut cloth and tentacles, i really dig this one!:+1:

Thanks guys! Its nice to hear such a positive comments :slight_smile:

Cosmic… is the right word!

Amazing piece, only one question. Why is his suit so big ?;D

Thanks…Why do you think its too big?

That’s really wild! love the lighting and the texturing! So, the cosmonaut in the suit is an alien also. What’s the story behind the image?

Excelent work, the blue danube waltz really takes it to the next level! :wink:

Lovely idea and great execution - love it.

To Derek Frenzo (although I might be wrong) - I imagine it as a play on Narcissus sort of, (the alien mistaking its own reflected image as a fellow space jelly thing; and then ‘getting it on’

Great work dude !!

Top Row! Top Row! Top Row!

Amazing work!
Anything space related makes me feel really good haha. And great touch by playing the song :slight_smile:

Best regards,

I love this!
This is how I hope it goes if there is anyone out there and we ever do get to meet them!

Very nice. The detail alone is incredible

Hahahaha! Fantastic work. Deserves a top-row plug IMO.

Keep up the great work!

What a great image! So beautifully posed and rendered! Love the reflection of the alien’s face on the helmet, too! :+1:

amazing! absolutely love it!!

this is TR for me! great work!

Top row for sure. Love this image. Great work!