SketchZombie's Sculptris Sketchbook

Long time lurker… first time poster.
I’m a big Sculptris fan…cant get enough of this software.
Anywho…these are some freestyle concepts…all done entirely in Sculptris and range a lil over 1 million tris each.
Though this project is done, in due time these guys will continue life in ZBrush
so let me know what you think.


SD4_render finish.jpg

SD1_render finish.jpg

SD2_render finish.jpg

SD3_render finish.jpg

My last project sparked an interest in material creation…
so after much fiddling with Macrea i cooked up a batch of materials made for sculpting…well all cept Ectoplasm…
hope ya digg my Sculptris Comrades
material Preview II.jpg



Cyber Mudd.jpg

Duel II.jpg




Hott Graphite.jpg

Neu berry.jpg


I have absolutely no idea why:

1 No one just simply says “Thank you for this great materials”
2 No one just simply says “Wow, how the heck could you have done these clean mech meshes in sculptris, unbelievable!!”

1 = Thank you dear sketchzombie. Your materials are awesome, their presentation outstanding.
2 = Wow :smiley: Never understood how one can do this in sculptris, excellent!!

Keep on rocking!

Thanx Knacki, glad you like the materials,ZBC is a giving community and I’m glad to be apart of that…Sculptris is the most fun I’ve had sculpting since zbrush…plans for an eventual video on workflow is on my agenda comrade.

I wanted to make something with a generic female bust made in previous project…had lots of fun but took a heavy performance hit when i turned off symmetry.
All Sculptris over 700,000 tris

Chun Li Comp.jpg

Great skills and style. Keep it up!

Will do Sarek,…many thanks

Made a few more materials
Materials preview.jpg


skin B.jpg


skin A.jpg

Very clean and beautiful style. Looking forward to your video :slight_smile:

And great materials, they´ll come in handy…

Glad you like veehoy…thanx again

I love the Mechanical Stuff, Keep it up !!!

Gotta love robots n mechs…thanx Justdeletedguy

Made an video displaying some basic and intermediate techniques in Sculptris…an eventual workflow demo will follow.
enjoy comrades


i love the cyborgs here check this out green lantern.jpg

Beautiful stuff! Thanks for the video.

Ehhh -@the3dmaster11
It’s not my thread, but.

You see.
Every Sketchzombie pic is not just thrown in here.
He uses nice backgrounds and arranges them in photoshop. He selects nice fonts and really puts quite a big amount of work in his sculpts to make them nice and clean looking.
If you click the thread gallery button you will see them nicely sorted.
At the and there is now your green screenshot.

Think about it - still time to edit :wink:

Knacki - I would be semi happy if someone would find your pic in my thread gallery.

Thanx Knacki, Hope its proves helpful to those interested in sculptris,
I appreciate you sharing the3dmaster11, but a link would have been preferred in the whole sketchbook forum etiquette instead of the pic…none the less, continue with this and push for more detail (make sweet love to that crease tool comrade)

I’ve missed this thread …
Really lovely and clean sculpts
keep going buddy,
and many thanks for such great materials

Thanx CaptainNemo, will definitely keep the energy up…enjoy the materials…more to come soon enough comrade.

wanted to share a very important item in my workflow.
"Nostromo N52…I’ve customized keys for all pgms
used, Photoshop, ZBrush, etc… here is my Sculptris layout.
Nostromo Sculptris.jpg

Great Sculpts you have here. 5 Stars from Me! Thanks for the video it is very well done with good music.
Do you use the Nostromo N52 with a Tablet PC in place of a keyboard?