skdzines sketchbook

Hey all, I’ve decided to combine my work into a sketchbook page. Nothing new at the moment to share that I haven’t posted before, just wanted a more meaningful thread for portfolio purposes. Everything is ordered from oldest to newest. Please provide any C&C!

Thanks for checking it out!

Alice in Wonderland Dodo Bird: original concept by Michael Kutsche

Jannisery: original concept by Kerem Beyit















My take on a more muscular version of Sam Raimi’s spiderman

Panthro - Thundercats

Hey Everyone! Here is my latest project I’ve been working on. Another Thundercat, this time Cheetara which is also my first female character I’ve ever done. It’s still a WIP but I wanted to post it and see if I can get some feedback. I’m having a hard time getting the expression on her face to be correct. It feels like a deer in headlights. I plan on making some adjustments once I hopefully get some feedback and will post updates later. Thanks for looking!

Concept art is by Jeff Chapman.

Hello Scott. Look again at the concept art - the upper lids on the original cover a portion of the pupil. Yours eyes are just opened too wide. Also, accent the lower eyelids a little more, and the area between the lid and the cheek. Finally, check the line dividing the light fur from the darker fur in the face. Yours curve less, and I think that may also be contributing to the areas around the eyes looking ‘flatter’ with less expression. Hope these suggestions are helpful. Otherwise nice job interpreting the concept :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback Dante! Here are a few updated Zbrush BPR renders. I’ve fixed her eyes as well as redid the lighting and tweaked her skin shader a bit. I think it’s looking better but I’ll let everyone else be the judge of that. Again, C&C welcome! Thanks for looking!

Edit: Slight update to the multiple views. I had to fix her butt a bit, her left cheek had too much shadow under it which should’ve been a bit more stretched out due to her leg being positioned forward.

Gorgeous. Initially thought there was a halo around the render but then realized you have a fine hair over the whole form. Wonderful touch.

Very nice work skdzines :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it.

One more, Cheetara in her birthday suit!


Really like her, face is great!:+1:

Great thread, awesome work! I especially love the Dodo and Cheetara! :smiley:

Cheers, David

Thanks for the comments guys, I truly appreciate it!

Rendered in Zbrush BPR with Fibermesh. Photoshop composite. I think I’m going to do another version in Maya and Mental Ray. I’m going to try either Shave and a haircut or Maya nHair. C&C welcome and appreciated!

Great! Love Monsters inc. :slight_smile:

Thanks FairCat, glad you like it!