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This is a Sculptris UI proposal, I wanted to give it one last shot before retiring the idea of working on Sculptris forever.

So, I worked a bit on a clean UI based loosely on ZBrush. I am a professional UI/UX designer (3D is my hobby–although I did go to school for 3D animation, funny how that works out sometimes)

Pixologic, I am a freelancer who is currently free–I worked briefly with Tomas way back in the very beginning. And I want to work on Sculptris again.

Might as well post in the public forum right?

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i think Sculptris is dead.
Hopefully Tomas is ok, haven’t seen any posts by him in a LONGTIME.

I like Sculptris UI, it just needs more features like they should add some type of
line tool or a basic z-sphere system to it.(a way to make fingers and things easier)
this could be added to the left side under the buttons they have now.

Booleans, mesh extract, extrude, mesh selection with smooth boundary, bridge

Thank you for input, and nice work, truly. BUT NO!!! Please no ugly white Mac OS type interface!! If anything, I wish he’d impliment something like the “little app” disc thing from A5, with no buttons then have it all pop up on Spacebar or whatever. I do wish some of the options panel stuff was on the main part, Unify tools and Combine Color and bump. The best part of Sculptris is being able to “Tab” out of the UI and just work !!!

oh and i agree about the color, it burns my eyes out… :cool:(that white stuff is way to bright)

I agree with holyenigma.
IMO the UI is just fine as it is. A very innovative one, leaving you a lot of working space.
If more functions added, then maybe a more classic menu could serve well.
But, as holyenigma says, it looks like a dead app.
It’s very sad that pixologic team didn’t make an announcement, Tomas stopped posting.

holyenigma, you are a skilled blender user, you use Sc as assist app of blender, you feel happy exporting skin modifier in sculptris.
A very powerful combination.

He stopped posting a long time ago, like A5 2010 …, same as on his website. I did notice you can’t find any of the old builds anymore either. No more 1.01, link takes you here. That’s Ok though, Blender’s come a very long way since A5 got this all started. I believe you can do something similar to that Zipper brush using array (on a curve). Of course it’s got shrinkwrap (my new fav) and Snap-tool for Retopo, and a Multi-res in Sculpt mode now. And Sculptris still has some Great tools as is !! It’s still the Very easiest to texture in for sure !!, Projection painting, Auto-UV (if you want it), and of course Dynamic Tesselation!! Thanks Again Tom, wherever you are!!

Talking about blender, a surprise is coming soon on official builds. Of course you may like to test it using experimental builds right now.


http://www.graphicall.org/ search for a dynatopo branch.

You posted that before, and I got it, and it crashed … plus that build, like the old remesh - B-spheres build, has nothing else, so really need to wait. Plus they’ve got multires in sculpting now, no need for crap geometry. I just wish their paint tools were a little better. You can use textures, but it’s slow and buggy, not smooth like Sculptris!

@ michalis, thanks… but to me the skin modifier is kind of weird to use… not very intuitive.
probably would be better if we could apply the skin modifier to an armature.
then you have the x-ray function of the armature. you can also scale armature joints. like z-spheres.
Take a look ay “envelope” style armature in “object data” it looks almost exactly like a z-sphere.
now if we could just convert that armature to mesh it would be perfect.
(you can scale those round ones… like spheres)

justadeletedguy, the new Blender Dynotopo builds at graphicall work they dont crash all the time like the old ones did…

you can see my comments at graphicall about it being a total fail several months ago, its alot better now.
Blender DT now actually compares to Sculptris… i would more compare it to MeshMixer’s sculpting
but… to say that its very good.

Using Blender , MeshMixer, And Sculptris (for different things) comes in handy and you can do lots of things.

Oh, Wow! I didn’t even know about the Skin Modifier! Pre-rigged model ready to animate. Cool. This I gotta try!!

here is the envelope armature im talking about…
to bad this cant be converted to a mesh… it would be alot easier to use than skin modifier.
someone should look into this envelope armature along with remesh it has to be possible.



something i just noticed… you can scale verts with skin modifier, Ctrl+A
(i use Custom Maya keymaps that i made awhile back i had to add that to get it to work,
Since the Resize Skin command is new) so essentially scaling the verts is just like scaling the spheres in “envelope weights”.

ctrl+A is the key for skin modifier.
Try not to have holes-overlapping faces on joins, make “finger like” parts wider for instance. It doesn’t matter, you can fix them after.
I prefer to apply the skin modifier after a few rigging tests, losing armature. Then work on hands via box modeling a bit. This is a fine base mesh for sculptris, or a mesh for multi res sbubd sculpting. Make armature after.
@justadeletedguy, why so against dirty triangulated geometry? You gonna retopo it after, in blender again. Lots, lot of hidden tricks - workflows here, makes blender a perfect tool for manual retopo. It’s actually simpler and more effective than the 3dcoat topo room. Because… you can turn snapping on off as you work, because you can extrude lot of vertices at once (having insert a shrinkwrap modifier ;)) (which you can turn on off as working too). Marvelous tool!

Okay, I’ll take your crits here…

Darker and closer to ZBrush, with a super menu

You’re design is nice, once again, and the color is better!. But it still involves panels that are blocking my View!! Take a look at This old thread and this “little utility” that was written for Sculptris A5, the first released from Pixo. He put everything on the spacebar menu so you could hit (Tab) and get rid of everything but your sculpture. It does still work, but kinda buggy for A6. If anything, I would want something like this adapted into the main UI, leaving the whole thing blank except the Pop up menu.


Made a small change to the wheel shading and added ‘preview material on mesh’ option

How about this?

Very nice, put up the link!! … XD!!! Hey you know you can change the Icons and buttons in the Sculptris\Data folder too. You can bring some of that to life today !

Hah, I’ll share the whole project folder on my server: http://www.seanjmacisaac.com/sculptris – I’d like to see what you can do with the project files, :slight_smile:


I moved some of the wheel options for the brush into the tools pop out, I figure since the left side doesn’t take up that much room it’s a fair trade to clean up the ‘super menu’

Sliders over spinners
A simpler spinner, my fave it still #1

I had a whole theme going before my last HD crashed. You have to replace the images HERE …


I believe they must stay the same size … and the pieces (buttons and what not) should be in the same place …
but you can customize all you want …