Selling Zbrush online course from Artheroes

Hi! I’m selling my Stylized character sculpting program from Artheroes(https://artheroes.co/#rec90949463) Which I got on discounted from $590 to $295 however I don’t have time to learn it right now (been busy about other stuffs for a while now). The class life span is 1 year but you could request for 2nd year if you wanna learn it slower. I would like to offer you for only $250 I just bought it about month ago. You could learn anytime and can post your progress picture in the group to get some feedback from them directly. If you’re interesting in it and want to buy from me just email me at artofraebell@gmail.com or comment down here I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possibile Thank you. (BTW the price is negotiatable if you can’t pay that much) I’m just willing to sell to someone who could learn it while I can’t Thank you.