Selling perpetual ZBrush licence $600 (USD) or $750 (CAD) - more details inside

The world might be upside down.

Wish to sell gently used and well maintained ZBrush perpetual (new term: Legacy) licence. Comes from a pet free & smoke free household in Ontario, Canada.

Children might have played with it too over the years since 2002, having added great excitement and enjoyment to our life and career.

Selling for $600 (USD if from US), $750 (CAD if in Canada).
Licence Transfer: License Transfers Between Users - ZBrush
Payment via Paypal (payment between family and friends)
I will pay the $49.99 (USD) license transfer fee required by Maxon for transfer

Please send me a PM if interested.




:zman: Annual Subscription full on is USD $360 / New Perpetual licence is USD $895.

By looking at these prices I decided to adjust my selling price to USD $500. :boom:

:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Hello, if you are still interested in transferring this I would be interested.

Maxon will set up new accounts in September. So no more Pixologic. We can get the transfer slowly rolling. :+1: Will find out if anything for the transfer process has changed.
Let me know.

Licence Transfer: (License Transfers Between Users - ZBrush)

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