Sculptrisnewb Sketchbook begins

Hi everyone,
I have toyed with the idea of posting in a wealth of great talented artists,
anyway i finally plucked up the courage to show some of my work,
I am very new to Sculptris and this is what im working on at the moment
(in my sparetime) its still at a very early stage hopefully it will become my masterpiece :slight_smile: all of your comments and critiques are welcomed, as you all know staring at something for sooo long sometimes you have trouble seeing the Wood for the Tree’s

A bit of an update getting to grips with the masking brush.
Still plenty left to do, trying to flesh him out in areas hope to here some good crits from you more experienced Sculptris’s.



I think on the second head the nostrals & lips could use some more definition and the mouth looks too flat (across), but good shape over all. It looks like you know the general shape pretty well, and that’s half the battle. So great start, hope to see more. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the crits FIL finding the nose a bit of a challenge at the moment
Oh by the way mate you see that i found out how to post my work LOL the FAQ’s are amazing things!!!

lol i like the title! :smiley: gl, sculptris is awesome btw

I’m eagerly anticipating the beginning of quantum computers era so we’ll be able to easily animate hi poly meshes like these on our own home computers

nonetheless great tool i just hope it won’t go in the wrong direction cause I’m too passionate about it (author obviously is - Dr Peppers :smiley: )

I hope sculptris draws on the best gui solutions out there + is a step forward… :smiley:

The Inflate brush is your friend when it comes to nostrils and lips (and ears). :wink:
lol, congrats on figuring out the pictures.

AntiHero Its the 1st page of a hopefully awe inspiring Sketchbook :rolleyes:
Here’s hoping!!:smiley: if i could only just sort out the nose!

FIL Thanks for your help bud i took your advice on the inflate brush and it seems to be working still not 100% happy with it yet.......Will i ever be? Right just a quick couple of questions 1. Do you do most of your detail work in paint mode or Sculpting? 2. What is Tight Mapping? 3. I have tested with this model a couple of times now going in to paint mode it Hangs then crashes, is this due to to many Tri's or overlapping Tri's or is there something i should be doing and not?

[ATT=209129]Lips and nose adjust.jpg[/ATT]

[ATT=209130]Lips and nose adjust side.jps[/ATT]


Lips and nose adjust.jpg

Lips and nose adjust side.jpg

lol, being an artist is such a curse, isn’t it? :wink:

  1. By “work” i’m assuming you mean wrinkles and things and i’d say most of the fine detail should be done with bumpmaps in Paint mode. Get the base shape sculpted with any fine lines around the eyes, nose, mouth, etc that effect the contour of the model, then detail in Paint mode.

  2. It helps Sculptris unwrap “tight” detail in some cases (i believe).

  3. Make sure your geometry and clean by pressing the zero key. It also helps if you manage your geometry with the Reduce brush and Reduce Mesh button.

I’ve taken the liberty of scribbling on your artwork. :smiley: i hope you don’t mind, these are just suggestions. Basically Green is what i like and Red could use some refinement/definition.

good shape overall, i hope to see him painted soon!



FIL thanks for the time and effort you put into my post bud,
I certainly appreciate the help and guidance,
This is my 1st real attempt at sculpting anything…
well, apart from the Bug eyed round ball… which i wont be posting! :lol:
So feel free to scribble away.
As you can see i got rid of the eyes as i think this was the cause
of the crashing, to many overlapping faces and just to much geometry
for my sad ol computer to handle but all that said i look forward to your
crits on the next installment.

Hi guys this is the latest update still working on muscle form, wrinkles and such, i will get round to painting him maybe after the ears are complete
your comments and crits are welcomed.




good work, he’s coming along nicely. what you did under his eye and cheeks is defiantly an improvement. there are clearly defined planes which is good. i still think the end of his nose, and mostly the corners of his mouth could use some adjusting. Use reference, and if you’re having problems with geometry don’t be scared to use the reduce brush. Reducing usually does a good job with retaining shape, but will give you a surface that’s much easier to redefine. keep it up!

very nice head sculptrisnewb ! :slight_smile:
you can make creases more sharp by using crease brush on a single crease for several times.
keep going …

Thanks Captain, Thanks FIL,:smiley:
I better pull my finger out and get him finished.

I hope to have an update pretty soon, work is getting in the way.:rolleyes:
I agree with what you say FIL about the Nose and mouth I just need to tinker around a bit more, im getting to the point where i’m itching to get him into
Paint mode thats when i hope he’s gonna come to life.

You asked how i sculpt eyes in my thread. When i first started sculpting i would always try to sculpt eye lids around a separate eyeball sphere. But it gets really tricky when you want to portray a certain emotion, or just in general trying to match the lids shape and sphere size starts to feel restrictive and becomes more technical than artistic. So what i do now is sculpt everything onto the surface and try to get it looking right both anatomically and in expression. Once i’m satisfied with the look of the eye, i mask and drag the eyeball part back to make the socket. Smooth and Flatten a bit on the inside of the socket before dropping in a Sphere.

Here’s an Update,
Looking through the thread now, i am quite embarrassed about the first couple of images :stuck_out_tongue: but it shows my learning curve.
I’m going to call my sculpt ready for paint look forward to all your comments.

FIL thanks for the insight and continued support mate, don’t go anywhere i may need some more questions answered :smiley:

3_4 view.jpg


Front view.jpg

Side view.jpg

Right here’s my problem guys
I have my sculpt, i want to switch symmetry off to add detail
to the skin, I hit the symmetry button and this happens:eek:

the Texture is set at 2048 but it says it will double in size.
I did what FIL advised and reduced the amount of tris before going into paint mode.
The sculpt is weighing in at 75k it goes into paint no problem at that but i’m still getting this problem
is there a way i can rectify it without going back into sculpt mode and losing my Texture? if no other option i will have to do my bump in symmetry mode which i really dont want to do who has symmetrical wrinkles OMG!!!:frowning:

…my wrinkles are perfectly symmetrical… :stuck_out_tongue:

that sux. I don’t know what Sculptis is doing behind the scenes, and even if i did I’m not sure i could really help you with this.
Though the texture gets messed up, can you paint on it? If you can, you could just repaint the areas that are messed up. If not then it looks like you’re going to have to live with symmetrical wrinkles, but i do feel your pain.

what i can see of it, the skin paint looks pretty good. I hope you get it figured out soon cause i want to see him completed and what you come up with next :wink:

I found a work around :smiley: I put my sculpt on a Flash drive and booted it up on my son’s desktop symmetry no more!!
I’m pretty positive its either a graphic’s card or ram problem as it worked just fine on the desktop…But anyway bud…Symmetrical wrinkles?..are you from that planet Dreamz’s gurl’s from?:lol:

A bit Arnie.jpg


A bit Arnie front.jpg

Well, she’s not exactly a woman - there are fourteen genders on Pluto…she does have a beard, but hey, lots of women do. Anyway, quit talking about Ugbung like that. She’s a very nice slime blob.

I like the subtle skin texture on your latest face. I’m sorry to hear your wrinkles aren’t symmetrical. There are face exercises you could do to rectify that. I’ll send you a great book called ‘Gurn Yourself Beautiful’. Hope it helps.:smiley: