Sculptris WIP Characters (includes Nudity)

Here are a couple of my sculpts in Sculptris Alpha6 I managed to start.
Im still learning and practicing sculpting, so please forgive my anatomical errors in case you spot any and feel free to correct me and point out these errors. I intentionally created this thread for that particular reason. Ill be posting more sculpts soon through out this thread. hope you Enjoy :slight_smile:







Nice start man. Anatomy looks great. One thing to note pelvis is usually as wide as arms, no more. Unless u go for very stylized girl.

Her Indian name is “Hips like a Horse”, it predated “junk in the trunk” :lol:

JoseConseco thank you for the feedback, yes your absolutely right. Im going to fix this as soon as I can. I think the original model would’ve been mad pissed about that image if she ever saw it :S Shes actually is more athletic and fit.
In case you guys want to know the model is Carlotta Champagne, I picked up a couple of references pictures from deviantart site specifically from an amazing photographer known as mjranum

holyenigma74 …lol, yeh the model is definitely going to kill me




The horse is a lot of fun.
Pretty nice sculpts!

They’re too good, made me jealous.

I love the Ninja Turtle

Great anatomy, could you enlight us with some reference you used for them? it’ll be very helpful!
Great work!

Im really happy you guys like the work.
My references are mostly from http://mjranum.deviantart.com/ & http://mjranum-stock.deviantart.com/ but really there is no specific image. there more like a varaity of angles and poses for the model. my favorite one that has been real helpful was
luckly its a gif flyaround which makes it easier to just look at one file for a constant study. Yes really helpful atleast to give you a sense of the general volumes weights and shapes, it gives you the ability to read the model better. but then again I got lucky finding this one. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

here is an update on the Minotaurian Centaur, using Maya with a Vray render Engine. I still havent modified anything yet since Ive been majorly playing with the lighting, it can get rather addicting and youd get endless possibilities and I get hard time choosing which one to put at he end :). but I thought it was worth the show. enjoy and tell me what you think




Wow! These are great!

Hello again
Im posting an update of the Mutant Stallion, Ill be busy for a while so you might not hear from for a while, but I will do my best to upload whatever progress that comes up. hopefully within next week. hope you guys enjoy this one


great work dude, love most of it.:wink:

Yea your stuff looks great. I love the stallion’s attitude and everything else. :+1: :+1:

Really nice stuff! Fantastic in fact.
My only criticism would be turn off Symmetry at the end to get rid of that balanced model look.

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments.
steinie yes I’m definitely going to turn the sym off, Its one of those things I hated about sculptris which you cant work back and forth from Asymetrical to symmetrical and maintain the changes like you do in zbursh :frowning:
I especially didnt like the way the Mutant Stal`s hair looks like from the back
I promise in the next post Ill have something more completed. :wink:

Nice Works! :+1:

A great work indeed, I missed to comment it. Strong and clean sculpting :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thank you guys for the nice words.
I will try my best to post some more new updates.
for now I managed to render out a couple of turntables. my progress has been really slow lately due to the tremendous amount of work :rolleyes:
but here it is





Hello again
just to let you know whats been happening recently, i m continuing with concepts i created in sculptiris further into zbrush4 R2. to follow my updates you can check the following link


and here are a couple of snapshots i had from there, hope you guys enjoy


Just wow, glad I stumbled upon this thread–inspirational!