Sculptris Test-doodles

Great fun testing the latest release. All started with a ball.







Wow man these are pretty sick and you started with a ball!!! Hellz YEAH!

Hy Bas - old ZBrush House :smiley:

i always love the great work yu´ve done with ZB

But now its nice to see whats going on with Sculptris -

Amazing Works - cool stuff

WOW - thats typically BAS :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:



Viva El Presidente!
Nice Sculpts, professional work.


great work!:+1:

Nice tests !
Did you use ZB for posing the last sculpt ?

I really reserved to look into your sculptris thread for a special moment.

Special art deserve special moments - just to make it even wonderful.

Thanks a lot.


:eek: Amazing!

Thank you for the kind reply.
Sculpting was done in Sculptris and some were posed and rendered in ZBrush.

Here some more test-images (used Photoshop for coloring). Sculptris is a great tool for illustration.





My favourite sculptris thread already. Humor & finest art.

This little, let me say “the fountain head” with this tree.
Is the cage done with the symmetry trick, or a base mesh born in a different program?

Knacki, it could be done more easy with the symmetry trick but I made the cage with C4D after the head was sculpted. Deleted some polygons and used the bridgetool to close it. After it I sculpted the tree. This is the fun with Sculptris, just start something and let it happen.
I really hope they make a tool to carve holes & melt shapes together in the next release.

Great Stuff! :slight_smile:

We know its possible since MeshMixer does it, so… lets see if they do it…

All they need to do is add a "bridge" button and use a mask for the selection tool. (or they could even add a little selection tool right next to the bridge button that works similar to the Mask, doing so would even allow for the deletion of triangles) would also be nice to see a square select tool and lasso select tool. these could be very helpful in adding hard surfacing details in later.

Cut & Clone <–watch that!! Sculptris needs that :slight_smile:

Copy another good one.

Split needed.

I should like it more another way MeshMixer does. Just carving until the other end is reached. Press option to fill and close a hole. Just a basic tool.
Saving groups should be nice too, just to mask and hide parts.

Amazing… those works are just incredible :eek: raw talent…

Thanks Simpo, glad you like it.

Holy sculptris doodles Bas lol’

I didnt even know about the new sculptris til just lately. My time has been so taken recently. I love them all but the mouse and the eskimo are really at the top of list (the eskimo mainly for the translation to illustrated form) The mouse though has so much of your humor in it. I love the way the mouse kids are having fun on the tail. Ok I am inspired again. :smiley:

Hi Bas
Just ran across your thread in here…Lucky for me…:smiley: Seeing Beautiful Works…and a Great Imagiination at work and play…Always makes my day…Better.:slight_smile::+1: Bas

Hi bas
I already commented these excellent sculpts in beta testing private forum.
Waiting for some new posts.
:+1: :+1: :+1:

Thank for looking :slight_smile: Vacation almost finished, can’t wait to use Sculptris again. I should like to have it on my iPhone, eehhh!