sculptris stops working at quarter million triangles?

Is it just me? Scultris is deadslow at 250,000 triangles and hangs above that.

If its true, how does one get high res detail sculpts?

not sure why you are getting the slowdown. what are your system specs?

When i was doing my scorpion, it was still smooth at 2.2 million tris.

Can anyone else help here?

Don’t know exactly what’s your problem with your Sculptris install / system, but I can report I’ve been doing meshes with well over 600k tris with no noticable slowdown on both mac and XP 32 bit.

There’s a few others that have been reporting similar issues. You might find some solutions on the old sculptris forum.



Or even on this forum http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=90775

Not sure of your spec’s but I read in another post here that Sculptris didn’t like his QuadCore system. When he changed it to dual-core (how?) it ran fine.