Sculptris not working on 2019 Mac

Hi everyone.

Sculptris worked in the beginning, when I got my iMac. After two uses, Sculptris crashed selecting a different brush tool. After that, and after many tries and uninstalls/installs until now it crashes at startup. Not sure how to navigate with this as there’s no official support. I’ve heard of the fullscreen issue but I can’t toggle fullscreen if it’s open for a millisecond.

I work with heavier graphic programs regularly. 3D programs work just fine.
Hoping someone has had a similar issue and found a workaround.

Kind regards,



Admission that the machine is a 2019 model ought to infer that it’s running the Catalina variant of OS X – unless you specifically went out of your way to bump it way down to a earlier OS X version.

Catalina OS X killed off all support for 32-bit programs. Sculptris was never updated/recompiled into a 64-bit program. The underlying tech lives on as it’s been grafted into ZBrush Core and full ZBrush. As for the standalone free Sculptris app, it’s abandoned. Lack of responses is likely because it’s been unendingly asked and answered.

Sculptris was my gateway drug to sculpting, but that was years ago when OS X supported both 32 and 64 bit programs. I’ve been wishing Pixologic would continue to offer a useable free option for new explorers. 30-day free trials of ZBrush doesn’t cut it and will only funnel folks over to open-source Blender.