Sculptris layers?

Does Sculptris have a layers feature? I want to take an existing line drawing I’ve created and overlay it to use it as a guide to create a 3D object. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

No idea where the program is anymore, but I’m sure it’s got to be hanging around online somewhere. Years ago someone made a foreground reference utility. A quick search should bring it up. Though it’s been quite a while, there may be better apps that will do the job better by now.

Here you go :smiley: http://drpetter.proboards.com/thread/597?6577=undefined

I wanted to download this utility but I get asked for a User Name and Password for “Digitalartistguild” so I can not download it… Does anyone have the installer?

Please ignore my last post, I have found “Floaty” … this is a great little utility!

Cheers XGibbo

Thanks so much. I’ll give “Floaty” a try.
I downloaded Ghost It! but decided not to used it because it left a “download screen” every time I start my computer on my computer for something called “GoFor Files”. GoFor Files tech chat couldn’t tell me how to remove the screen. I emailed their support and they haven’t replied back. Be careful if you try Ghost It!.