Sculptris is just refusing to open no matter how many times I try.

Hi. I’m Hailee Bear. I would like to try my hand at sculpting again, I’ve used Sculptris before, back then I didn’t know what I was doing. I have downloaded “Sculptris Alpha 6”. Now I’m on a journey to see what my characters would look like in 3D. BUT, there seems to be a problem. It won’t open. The execution file on my desktop refuses to open, even when I set it to “Administrator”, it STILL refuses to open! :mad:


If you have any solutions or ideas of how to fix this, please reply to this post. Help is very appreciated.

This is the only solution that I’ve seen so far:


Seems to basically just be uninstalling the current Sculptris and either redownloading it an installing it back in place or into a new folder on the desktop.

It doesn’t seem to be working at all. I did everything in the thread. I guess I have to buy a new laptop if I want to get Sculptris working. Thank you for the help though.

Sorry about that. So far, that’s about the only thing that’s come up to fix that issue for some over the years.

I was wondering, if the solution for some was just to move the placement of the folder (more or less), if you just threw it on a flash drive if that could also solve the issue (I think I remember someone doing it years ago to get it to run on a work computer that they couldn’t download anything to, so I’m fairly certain that it could possibly work given that it’s just an executable). Though the computer itself could be the issue as I have no idea what specs you’re running.