Sculptris in Windows 7 is very slow

I just upgraded from XP to Windows 7. Sculptris was working perfectly in XP, but now it is very slow and very difficult to work efficiently within the program. When the program opens, the top and side tool bars appear, but it takes about 5 seconds for the sphere to appear. Then if I click on a tool, there is a 5 second delay for it to highlight. And forget about sculpting - when I click and drag on the sphere, there is about a 10 second delay before the pixels are moved around. Very frustrating. Do you have any ideas why this is happening and how to correct it? I can’t wait to start sculpting again because Sculptris is the coolest app ever! Thanks in advance…

Be sticky to window XP :slight_smile:

Have you checked your GRAPHIC CARD DRIVERS ALREADY???

you should check your graphic card but I think you should be sticky to windows. dont change now

Nothing to do with GFX, it happens with every fresh Win7 install. There’s something in the configuration you must to check, something related to energy consumption or 32bits compatibility and such but I can’t never remember what exactly is. Sorry for the vague help.