Sculptris Dragon

Hi I’m currently new in this community :slight_smile:
I don’t have a Zbrush this one was made in sulptris …
I wanted to know more on what skills I need to improve :slight_smile:
Thank you and Please be kind Newbie here :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Looks to me like you have a pretty good understanding of the program already. That’s way better than the things I was doing with Sculptris when I first started. Though you seem to have the previous version, that actually can be a good thing when you get into texturing later.

While we’ve all got numerous different skills that we need to improve, it kind of depends on where you want to push towards first. If you are looking to make things more realistic, you have to use a lot of reference (easy to say, but I’m bad at looking for the right references all the time as well). For example, the current sculpt that you have there, you could look at some images of alligators/crocodiles for the scales (or you could find some of the many amazing artists out there that focus on dragons). There are quite a lot of different animals out there that have horns to choose from to make it seem more grounded too. The same thing goes to just about every kind of style that you could be wanting to move towards.

The main thing is just to keep trying new concepts. Some work, some don’t, but that’s all part of the fun of it.

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Thanks for your advice it will surely help me someday :slight_smile: