Organic forms? Yes, Sculptris excels at these. We have showcased through the first three challenges just what can be achieved with skill and imagination.

Yet Sculptris, in the hands of this wonderful Sculptris community, is capable of much more than the obvious, as we are discovering through these challenges. Here is another opportunity to show the world the wide variety of things that Sculptris, and this community, can do.

The Sculptris Architecture Challenge

ancomic’s primitives

Ancomic’s thread (above) contains some primitives. Thank you ancomic for your valuable contribution to the community’s materials and model shares.

They will prove very useful as this challenge is to

[color=YellowGreen]Get Building! It doesn’t matter whether you create a towerblock, mansion, shack or vast cityscape - just get building!

Tips: Intelligent use of textures, bump maps etc for architectural features, eg windows, doors etc may prove invaluable. Flat or rounded surfaces offer great opportunities for textures. These can be applied with a brush. Then there’s projection mapping.

There are many free textures available on the web. You could add a plane and put grass, concrete, a road etc on it. Think about the possibilities. Or, you can let your imagination fly with some very unconventional architecture.

I’m looking forward to the display of skill and ingenuity that always results from these challenges.
Challenge ends next Friday, that is, in one week’s time.
Entries must be posted on this thread.
Please do not import more complex geometric forms into Sculptris to use
in this challenge.
No outside apps to be used. Pure Sculptris please.

Have fun! :D:+1:

This should prove to be interesting and fun too …so that means any texture and , or imported model is usable as long as everthing is rendered in Sculptris :qu:

Sorry, I should have made it clearer. As Sculptris doesn’t by default provide primitives, which is a pity as it really opens up the mind to possibilities, I think that ancomic’s geometric forms are invaluable.

However, any other modelling MUST BE done in Sculptris by the entrants themselves. I would like these challenges to be a showcase for both Sculptris and the community. Imported textures are fine. Thanks for the question. I hope that's clearer now. :D

I’ll take this opportunity to make a plea: Will some clever individual please supply the community with a cone. I’ve tried using other programs but the result when imported into Sculptris wasn’t satisfactory. Thanks.

Here is a cone works for me…when it is subdivided acouple of times
it does change shape. Hope it will do the trick…:idea:

here is a flat top cone maybe it will work better…

I think cone 3 works the best with a little smoothing…

An interesting choice for a challenge, especially because it’s asking for exactly what Sculptris can’t do (very well.)

Interested in seeing the results of this.

Cool challenge :slight_smile:

Thank you blueferret!:D:+1: I’ll give them a try.

@link3000. Really? I have total confidence in the blinding brilliance of the Sculptris community. :laughing: Besides which, that’s sort of the point; not much of a challenge if we do what comes easily. The biggest problem I anticipate is keeping the poly count reasonable as reducing primitives has disastrous consequences. Could all go horribly wrong. Lol. Should be interesting. :smiley:

Well, I started working on what I may enter (or may say is an experiment :lol:) and I’ve so far been “forced” to use a curvy design rather than a more traditional one.

How so? Copying and pasting (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) cubes, rescaling them both globally and with and without the XYZ axes gives all kinds of possibilities.

a fascinating challenge for sure, Dreamz! Already working on a scene, it is quite amazing and definitly a challenge

and Blue, thanks for the cones, they will be helpful:D

I thought you may need a hand to build these buildings :lol:



Boxes and Tori to make this Glass window and the nice view of a factory…
version 2




I like this. Very creative idea! :D:+1: And the bulldozer will come in very useful. Is it just me, or is it a refreshing change to see new kinds of work on the forum? Perhaps Sculptris is only limited by the imagination of the user…and some technical issues. :laughing:

Just a suggestion: Alpha brushed can be great for adding architectural details. :smiley:

Hehe Blue and Ed. Good start to a thread! Is it Just Me or shouldn’t you be working on your CONTRIBUTION to this thread Dreamz? Get to work! I will be Merciless until you do! :smiley: I know you have other things to attend to but really, it wouldnt hurt and somehow I dont think the rest of the participants would be against it :+1:

Hey Tartan! I don’t see your contribution to this challenge yet! :stuck_out_tongue:
Besides which, I already provide sculpts for the challenges through my pseudonym, ‘Taron’. :lol:


my pseudonym, ‘Taron’ That was really funny, and I thought it was mine…:lol:

Dreamz - I’m trying to use only Sculptris.

@link3000 What? You mean not even primitives?! :eek: Good luck with that!!!

@blueferret. Just how many of us Tarons are there! It’s like Spartacus! “I’m Taron!” Speaking of whom (who?), where is he anyway?

And how the heck have you done the architectural details on your sculpt? All done in Sculptris? I’m amazed! I can’t fathom how you’ve done that! Please explain… :confused: